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Ya know, at gigs I regularly hear a lot of players bitching about this and that - too late, underpaid, under appreciated, too late at night - on and on. It's easy to get stuck into this mindset but I just wanted to say how fortunate we are to be able to perform music. It is just such an honour to be able to strap on the guitar and make music. At the end of the day there is this and only this. You just got paid to make music - how great is that really.

Good to remember sometimes.

Mark Ray

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Nice post! Our band is in agreement that we're lucky SOB's to get to do this. We're WAY past the point of being little whiney-asses (it never did any good that I could tell).

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T Dizz

My parents would always ask if we got paid for this gig or that gig and I'd always say " I definitely not doing it for the money". I think some no musicians might not get it, but its all for the love!
Haven't gigged in a while and I miss it. ..maybe I'll lug my cab up from the basement tonight... just as a reminder.


being in a band and being able to play music that people enjoy is one of the best things ever. when you are playing with other bands things rarely run on time, just accept that and have a good time.

Victor R

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Very fortunate. I have a band where everyone sings like a bird, plays their instrument with passion & proficiency, and they're my best friends. Really couldn't ask for more than that.

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