Wear headphones are you guys using?

Jonathan Tice

Sennheiser HD280 Pro. I build my presets with these headphones and when I plug into my Roland CM-30 CUBE Monitor (it's sold as a keyboard monitor, close to FRFR) or the PA system at my church I get pretty much the same tone. The key is to use the high and low cuts on the cab/IRs. Otherwise the differences would be much bigger more noticeable, I think.


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I recently switched from Sennheiser HD280s to HD650s with my Kemper. The 280s were great but the 650s are glorious!


Of course it depends on whether you listen to audio or mix or DJ and all. I have used all these below for just about anything, but I buy them for tracking or mixing.

-Sennheisser HD280 Pro- Not a fan of the sound. Totally uncomfortable (too tight) and can pinch your finger pretty bad.
I used them mainly for e-drums playing & tracking. THEY ARE VERY LOUD at 64 Ohms!

Dirt Cheap:
-AKG k240 - Best bang for the buck.
I use them for laptop mixing and audio tracking.

Sooo Comfortable:
-BeyerDynamic DT-770 - Can wear for hours and hours, no problem. Not my fav, can't put a finger on why.
Well, maybe I CAN put a finger on it. Bought initially to play Yamaha Clavinova and at a certain upper register Bb they buzz for 2 octaves on that note.
Nothing pisses me off more than buzzing. Probably should have done something about them, but at the time I was lazy. If no buzzing, might have a better opinion.
Probably just got a lemon in that issue.
I mainly use for Laptop listening.

Best I've had so far, for sound when mixing:
-Sennheiser HD600 - Use for mixing and when lazy, tracking. My peeve is the cord. Comes down on both sides and meets in the middle. A huge PIA when playing guitar, piano, etc as the chord is in the middle of your chest, not down the side where you can slip it behind your back. Stupid design for those who actually need to work with it. I confess I track with these or the AKG's but I also think some bleed is OK.

Absolutely none of them are good at mixing the bass parts of a song. Need to use good monitors for that, with a sub, and then lots of reference with a stereo system (I use my car mainly as it has a subwoofer.) Headphone mixing is not always recommended, but other people got their lives and sleep to contend with, hence it's a reality for me.

Pauly B

Sony MDR 7506. Best headphones ever. They do not color the tone in any way. They are called "Studio Monitors". Only about $100.
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