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Weber 10F125 or 10F150s in Silverface Vibrolux?

coot tone

I'll admit that compared to other types of gear, I'm a dweeb when it comes to speakers. I've had a mid-70s Vibrolux Reverb for years that has been "OK, but not great". Now I'm getting it recapped, and thought some new speakers would be sweet. I've read the numerous threads about Vibrolux speakers...but none that I could find really answered this question.

Almost everything I see recommends a 10F150 or 10A150 style speaker, in various combos...but my amp tech thinks I'd be happier with a combo of 10F125 and 10A125....I don't see many guys putting 125s into their Vibrolux. He says that he thinks two 125s can easily handle the wattage and I'll appreciate the fact that they are lighter. I need to add that I play the amp pretty clean and rely on my board for dirt.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I have a '75 vibrolux with 10a125 speakers. I think they sound really great. They do break up a bit when you have it cranked, but not a ton. I got the higher wattage version of the speaker which Weber said would break up less (I believe the choices are 20 and 30 watt). They also said the 10f125 would be cleaner/louder.


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I had a pair of 10F150's in my Vibrolux and didn't really like the results. The 10F125's may be the better choice here. I have a pair of WGS G10C's in my '64 and they're not going anywhere.


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I have a '70 vibrolux reverb that came with original oxfords in boxes and 10a150/10a125 installed. I replaced the 10a125 with a 10f125 and it held the low end better. Very fender ish. I've been using other, EV's and JBL's since, but the weber pairing were nice.

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