Weber Attenuator: Love It? or Leave It For Another?


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Anyone who has or had a Weber attenuator, aka Weber Mass, do you absolutely love it? Or did you let it go in favor of something else?

I'm tempted to delve into the use of an attenuator again. My long held belief is that pedals are basically for guitar players who want that clean but gutsy guitar+amp "straight in" sustain that I love so much but they can't crank the amps up full blast to get it.

Sure, I don't want to break windows or ruin my hearing by cranking my 50 watt Rivera or my 30 watt Mesa, but I still crave "that sound" while at the same time becoming more and more burnt out on the pedal game. I'm wanting to clean up my rig again and go back to the basics.

So will the Weber Mass do what I want without compromising the tone too much? Or have you attenuator gurus drifted away from the Weber Mass units to something that is noticeably better and worth the extra money? Webers are very affordable as far as attenuators go, but will I wish I had gone with something else like a Rock Crusher? Does a guy really have to spend $1500+ bucks to get awesome power tube sound at tolerable volumes without pedals? I tried a small Weber Mass many years ago with a much smaller and less tone worthy amp, but frankly I didn't know what I was doing back then (I still may not, but that's another thread) and I can't promise I gave it a fair shake then.

Sometimes I wish I would have never plugged my guitar straight into that 15 watt Frenzel 5E3 and cranked it up full blast, cuz now I'm craving that sound, can't get it out of my head, and the pedals I've cycled thru just can't do what the amps were made to do on their own if they get cranked up and unleashed.

Opinions? Thoughts? Experiences?


I have one. There's a compromise on the tone the more you attenuate, just like any other similar device. Frankly, if you are fixated on the sound of cranked power tubes, which is not a bad thing, you might consider using some kind of cabinet housing to lower the volume or consider something like two notes torpedo cab. I use it with a weber and crank the power amp of my mesa and fender. With these two units, I can play at reasonable volumes. When the wife is out, and I want to record, I put the cabs in a different room and blast away.


I used to use the old 100w Marshalls. I used a Weber Mass with very good results.
For lower wattage amps I have had good results with the Dr Z airbrake.


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I used the Weber attenuator for years before the industry started coming out with those expensive reactive attenuators from Aracom, Fryette, Tone King etc. The weber is really only good for the vintage designed non-master marshalls (reissues or originals). Why? Because those Marshalls have huge amounts of treble and can get ear damaging spiky, and I don't mean that from volume either. The weber cuts those highs and makes them into a creamy, more pleasing treble. If an amp is not treble spiky, the weber won't sound good with them. I did not get great results using them on Fender or Mesa type amps (except the Electra Dyne).

BTW, the Rivera RockCrusher is only $500, so you're not exactly spending $1500. And there are always used ones on


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I had a Mass Lite, but needed more transparent heavy attenuation so I went with a re-amper (Unleash).


I have a Mini Mass 50, and I once had a Power Soak. I thought the Power Soak sounded better.


I had a Minimass 50 for a while and have had a 16 ohm Hot Plate for many years. The Minimass seemed like a lower end unit but it had a speaker motor reactive load and line out that worked well with my small tube amps. I recently pick up a Traynor YBA-1 and needed something with a little more capacity that would work with a 8 ohm amp. I waned to get a Power Station but they were sold out. They are also very pricey since they are a load/re-amp unit and I already have a power amp so I decided to look for a straight attenuator instead. I looked at a bunch and decided to go with a Weber Mass 100. I chose that one because I wanted to be able to use it set to load and re-amp the line out with a rack mounted power amp. I have a bunch of vintage tubes amps that would benefit from that type of set up. The Mass 100 has dedicated volume, bass, mid and treble controls for it's line out which seemed like a great feature for my application. I've run amps like that many times before and thought that could be really handy if they work well.

As it turns out they work even better than I expected and I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect choice for my application.

Here it is set to load with my '47 Masco. I'm running the guitar straight in, the Masco is running through the Weber set to load, I've got the line out going through a delay and reverb pedal then to my rack mounted power amp powering a pair of 212 cabs.

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I have a mini mass for a 50 watt JTM clone.

Stopped using it as it altered the tone too much.

The use of an attenuator comes down to what the individual deems acceptable regarding change in tone.


I have a mini mass 50 that I use with my Budda Verbmaster. I like it for this amp. It definitely sucks some of the highs but I feel it helps with the tone.

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