Weber JTM 45 clone tone troubles

Hi, a freind of mine just built me one to pay me back for something and I am having trouble getting a usable tone out of it. I am currently using a JCM 800 as my main amp and love it to death, it is a 2x12 4104 50 watt combo with Celestion G12 Vintage 30's and two el34's. Here are the specs for the JTM clone:

45 watt
2 el34's
2x12 using a Weber Blue Dog and Silver Bell

We have the cap off of the bright channel as it was really bright with it. The amp seems to be bright enough but it's character is dull and uninteresting and just sort of 'off'. I know this is vague and all, but assuming we biased correctly are there any vague assumptions of some things I could try? I should add that I have played other amps that he has built and they sounded great.


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What mfg are the tubes that are in it? This might be as simple as a V1 tube change.


when you had the bright cap installed, did you try turning it up to around seven? depending on the value, they can sound thin when you only have the loudness ~2.

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