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Wedding Gigs, Dad requesting "I Loved Her First" - Douchey Title of Ownership to Groom ?

Is Dad making his one last claim of ownership with this song request kind of douchey ?

  • yes

    Votes: 35 51.5%
  • no

    Votes: 26 38.2%
  • 5th Amendment

    Votes: 3 4.4%
  • not sure

    Votes: 4 5.9%

  • Total voters


Even the song - Is the singer so insecure about himself that he has to spell it out like that, and go through the trouble of writing a song about it, spending money on top NAshville session cats, and studios, etc . . .?

The song choice just doesn't really seem to beam with confidence in the groom at all
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Ferg Deluxe

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I think you're possibly reading too much into it.

Nothing creepier than that awful old "Daddy's Hands" song. Gives me the willies, and always makes me wonder exactly what the bride is trying to say.

Then again, maybe *I'm* reading too much into it! :D


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I can't imagine the feeling of a father seeing his littler girl grow up and finding a man to share her life with. The mother/son dynamic isn't much different from what I understand.

At the same time, the "giving away" of a daughter is pretty antiquated....it implies a transfer of property if one looks at it with any objectivity.

I could see how the song would be a bit awkward.

Hopefully we can forgive a father his "loss" and song choice and it can just be a wonderful day with families coming together to celebrate the marriage.


Exactly. Do people not understand the dynamic of the father-daughter relationship?
there's no way i ever could unless i had a daughter, but my admitting that I don't believe necessarily "closes the case" to where you can slam the gavel down.

Now, i can understand if your daughter is a girl and she's dating through school, and you have to instill some fear into the boy - damn right i agree with that - no beef there/

Fast forward to adulthood - so at the wedding, after instilling, "Big Bad dad" vibe on the groom the past few years, you still have the need to make your final statement of title with "I Loved Her First" ? Really ?

The song choice just doesn't beam with confidence in the groom at all


"Final statement of title" ???????

Kind of obsessed with this "ownership" thing aren't you?
The song lyrics are more than implying it - The thread topic is the selection of the song, "I Loved Her First" for the Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Respectfully Submitted


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Exactly. Do people not understand the dynamic of the father-daughter relationship?
Yeah, I'm about as unsentimental a guy that you're gonna meet, but I had to learn that song for a wedding gig last year, and I had to practice singing it about 40 times before I could get through it without getting a bit, uh, emotional. I have a 21 year-old daughter.

That said, the song is pure cheese.


Exactly. Do people not understand the dynamic of the father-daughter relationship?

I most certainly do understand the dynamic - I have a daughter.
But like @Stike I can't stand those purpose built schlock fest

Yes it's a moment - but nobody is losing anything - which is
why I have a problem with most of those songs.

Of course my daughter knows that the Daddy Daughter dance
at the wedding is probably going to be the Chicken Dance.

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