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Weird issues with one specific guitar. Thoughts?

New Tokai Gold Top. Guitar, in general, plays well and sounds great. Took it to a great local guy who has the action just right and it feels really good. He tried to address some of the issues but I figured I'd ask here as well:

For the main issue, bar chords are harder to play in a few positions. Not all over, and if I really dig in or don't complete the bar chord it sounds just fine. Otherwise certain if I'm trying to make a bar chord shape with hammer on/off sometimes the note under the index finger is completely dead. Don't have this problem on my other Tokai or my SGs or anything else.

The frets are worn but not ridiculously so and I can fret single notes just fine. Normally I'd say it's a technique problem, but it's just local to this one guitar.

The same string that this happens with is also one that has an occasional "sitar" like sound up and down the neck. Mentioned this to the luthier and he said he'd check the nut and bridge. Said he made some adjustments and while it is not nearly as bad as it was (and it wasn't bad to begin with. Couldn't hear it through the amp) it still exists.

I'm gonna put another fresh set of strings on it this evening. He mentioned putting 2 B's on it while working on fixing the Sitar like sound on the G string so I'm thinking a fatter string may fix both issues for me.

Anyway, just bored at work and contemplating.


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The frets are worn
Raise the action and if the buzzing goes away look carefully at every fret for hi/lo worn areas and get a fret level/dressing done or refret.


Frets could be uneven, nut could be a little high, neck relief maybe. Sorry your guy could not work it out.
And someone you pay for a setup should be able to diagnose this.

He thought the same as I, worn but shouldn't be a big issue.

Here's a pic from the previous owner. I'll take some tonight.


Wear on the third fret. The wear on the first two frets and the fifth and sixth are roughly the same, improving as you go up to the seventh fret.

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