Weird refinishing question


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Well, not really refinishing...

I want to fingerpaint some writing onto a guitar. It should look like a rough job, on a battered/relic guitar. But I want it to be durable, and last a long time. What I'm thinking about is getting a nitro-finished relic body, and writing the letters in additional nitro.

Question 1: If I use nitro paint/solvent on a nitro-finished guitar, will it dissolve the underlying finish a little while integrating in? I don't mind if it does a little, but I don't want it to really discolor the lettering.

Question 2: What kind of gloves can I use to safely handle nitro lacquer like this? Something that's not going to dissolve, please!

Question 3: Is there perhaps a safer paint to use that would stick well to a nitro relic finish?

Question 4: Will I need it clearcoated afterward?

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