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Weird string issue...

I have a lovely secondhand Ibanez JEM with a strange issue.

Commonly when practising I play acoustically as a) its a lot quieter and doesn't annoy anyone and b) I don't need to lug an amp. So this particular issue sprung out and slapped me in the face, the A string has a completely different sound to others, it sounds louder "hollow" as though the sound is resonating in the scratchplate and brighter, the other strings are mellow and warm and quieter.

What causes this? Is there some freak resonance harmonisation between the open A string and the trem? This weird sound phenomena is across all frets on only that string which seems to eliminate a high fret or dodgy truss rod....

Lung plunger

I'd definitely look for loose points at the trem. Seems that is where any stray vibration would be prominent.
Like acoustic guitars and 'wolf notes' but in reverse, maybe? I suspect the string is creating a sympathetic resonance somewhere, probably within the body routs.

Dave L

Well, if it´s across all frets but only on one string it´s either in the nut or the saddle. Resonance wouldn´t follow across different notes as far as I understand, and that it is brighter makes me think there is a small burr or pinch somewhere that´s bringing out a harmonic.

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