Weird Strymon Timeline Loop Problem


Wondering if anyone has every experienced this.

When I'm controlling the Timeline with my Midi controller (Softstep) if I stop the loop and press play more than once it either won't play, or it will play segments of previous loops.

In other words, I'll have a loop going. Stop it, and then start recording a new loop.

I'll hit play on the new loop and it works great. Then I stop that loop and hit play again and it will play segments of the first loop that I thought I had erased.

IT would almost be really cool in a random way if it also didn't have a slight amount of crackling.

This DOES NOT happen when I'm not using the MIDI controller or if I'm using the Strymon External expander pedal.

Only happens with the midi controller.

If anyone has any ideas let me know!

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