Weirdest Problem I've Ever Had With A Bass Head


So I just bought one of those new reissue amp heads from Acoustic Amplification. The B200H to be exact. In short, it sounds magnificent and it was a cheap buy, very very impressive piece of gear. But!

When I was driving home with it in the passenger seat I noticed the pre-amp "clip" light was on. The amp was unplugged and off! I know that many bass heads often still retain some power in the circuitry even when they are off. But then I noticed that the light would turn off when I'd stop at a red light, and would turn back on when I'd start driving again!

Believe me guys I'm not Sh*tting you. What is going on with this thing? Is there any way to disperse that left over power when you turn it off? It has no standby switch. lol What should I do?

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I had an experience like that too. But then I came down.......Just kiddin man. That is indeed weird.


Go plug the amp in, play it for a few minutes, and see how long it takes for that light to go off.

It may have been the aliens abducting you from your car.


So I practiced with the head yesterday for about 4 hours. It worked fine and sounded awesome. I haven't seen the light come on. It couldn't have been sunlight from the car ride because it was going on and off in my bedroom too. It hasn't gone off anymore though.

My friend is a manager at GC and he said not to worry about it. I have a 3 year warranty on it with GC because they own the Acoustic brand.


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Apparently your engine noise is overloading the preamp. You should look into some kind of noise dampening for your vehicle. :banana

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