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Welcome To Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa's Museum and Guitar Collection


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That's a great presentation-
Love him or hate him, the guy has spent the time nerding and geeking out on gear as much or more than any of us has....
He's an encyclopedia on all things guitars and amps. He's put in the time and learned about it all.
The more money he makes, the more he nerds out... My kind of guy!
He's a pretty decent player as well lol.....


Silver Supporting Member
He could be the King of TGP if He cared. What a collection, plus He's a fine player and way Humble.
I liked when He said, I'm not trying to flaunt it, I'm just sharing.
As early as He started buying He probably out did the stock market, it has to be millions worth of gear.

I have never understood why people here dog him, Jealousy?


That was cool and fun.

His love for the instruments kind of reminds me of Jay Leno and his show. You can see the passion shining out of both men and it kind of causes me to rediscover the joy that I have in my meager collection of guitars (and car) because I went through a process of searching and selecting an instrument that to me is very important and beautiful.

John Hurtt

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Still won't be enough. He could create music that automatically sends a pizza and a female fellatio expert directly to the doorstep of each listener and some people would still find something to dislike about him.
True...too bad....but true.


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Definitely cool!

I think an Alan Lomax-type historian role would be an interesting thing for JB. I'm not a fan at all of his original music, but he is certainly an encyclopedia of rock music. It would be cool for him to transition into preserving the instruments and performance aspect of rock.

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