Well howdy - and already looking for help! (H&K Tubemeister 18)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Reidster, Mar 10, 2015.

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    Mar 10, 2015
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    Hello all you fine TGP people! I've been meaning to sign up for a while now. Every other time I search for something on the interwebs, I end up here anyway. Hopefully you'll let me hang out for a bit.

    So I'm already asking for advice/help on something...

    I've got a lightly used Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 head. When I say "lightly", I mean like I've gigged with it once and practiced with it perhaps two handfuls of times. Lightly.

    So as I was bringing it back into rotation in practice the other night, the clean channel began to kind of break up on me. It started almost unnoticeably, then just pretty much conked out.

    I'll try my best to describe it...when you strike the guitar's strings, it will ring out with the notes and then almost immediately crap out into fuzzy static then into silence. Hit the strings again and it does the same. The amount of "force" you use on the strings matters. It will not do anything if you lightly strum. But it will at least make the right sounds if you hit them relatively hard. From "string-strike" to sound to fuzz/static to silence is quick. Like a second or two. Sometimes less.

    Here's the fun part...the dirty channel works just fine. No issues.

    I'm no amp tech, but I'll tell you what I have done already:

    1. Changed out all tubes - pre and power.
    2. Changed the preamp tubes to another set for good measure.
    2a. It has this "TSC" function that tells you if the power tubes are working properly/biased properly and they indicate just fine.
    3. Sprayed some contact cleaner in all tube sockets.
    4. Cleaned out all input jacks with deoxit and a q-tip.
    5. Played with and without effects loop engaged and footswitch engaged.
    6. Threw a patch cord in the effects loop and played for good measure.
    7. Tried on all wattage options (1, 5, 18).
    8. Tried with different cabs.
    9. Tried with different guitars.
    10. Opened the bottom, plugged it in, and poked around the caps, etc with a chopstick while it was on listening for funky sounds. None.
    11. Checked all connections inside where possible.
    12. Sprayed the clean channel pots with deoxit for the heck of it.

    I think that's about it.

    After reaching out to H&K a couple of times through their website for some advice - and receiving absolutely nothing in return, by the way - I ask for your help.

    Any advice besides throwing it out the window and seeing if it explodes?

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    Greetings /|\

    I have no help to offer on your amp problem though, sorry.
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    Welcome to TGP.

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    Welcome to TGP!

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