Well-Hung Guitar Straps here, now


Mad Strappier

I am by no means a factory of any kind, more like the boutique-of-a-boutique. But I've been making straps for a while. I figured it was time to offer them on TGF. If you know how to google, you can find out plenty more. In a nutshell, my guitar straps are padded and comfy, with (I think) smart design and lots of people sure seem to love 'em.

They are made by a fella who has played guitar for decades, for my guitar playin' brothers and sisters.

I hope I ain't breaking no rules here, but my first offering on TGP can be found below in the emporium.

I have earned many friends all over the world with these things, I hope to make some TGP friends too.

First Well-Hung issue on TGP: Genus: Straptorus Corksnifferus get 'ems whiles dey hawt.

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