Well that was the best day of the year so far!

Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by ak301, Jan 22, 2015.

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    So yesterday I went and fetched an amp I got on eBay on Monday. It's an Engl Thunder 50, for some reason the seller put it on to end on a Monday afternoon which seemed odd to me as most folk who'd buy it would be at work.
    So I get it for a song and go and fetch it. A little tatty (Ive contacted Engl to order a new cover as I'm real fussy about my gear) but whilst we're talking he said "Oh you may as well have the extension cab I built"
    Turns out his day job is a builder and he'd built himself a solid 4x10 cab which he gave me for FREE!! as he doesn't gig anymore and is more interested in the bicycles he builds!

    As I'm near a town called Doncaster where there's a shop called Electro Music which 90% of my peer group have long considered the best guitar shop in the East Midlands of England.
    I hadn't been in ages so I popped in and happened to mention I'd been looking for a Digitech Timebender.
    Not only did they have one but they really wanted to shift it as they started knocking money off it before I'd even tried it.

    Now unlike a lot of other local shops, and one of the reasons why I like Electro so much, is they let me pick the amp I wanted to try the pedal and I had the choice of ANY guitar in the shop. Plus the guy who was serving me left me alone in the booth until I'd finished.

    We then had a cool bit of banter and I got the pedal dirt cheap plus a £25 Fender t shirt thrown in, that I'd already decided to buy anyway!

    Got everything home and the Engl sounds monstrous, the cab works brilliantly and the pedal is superb!

    The only downside is the previous owner of the Engl kept the footswitch in the back of the amp and it's caught the lead coming back from the reverb and pulled it out of the chassis. Not a major job but I'll get that sorted.

    The missus said it was no wonder I looked happy when she got home!
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    That's great! need a day like that myself.

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