Went to my first "Country" concert Wednesday


I'm a rock guy. Always have been, yeah I appreciate all types, and my dad listened to country when I was growing up so I know it well, and love the old stuff. I have recently (past 2 years) have been starting to listen to modern country like Keith Urban, McGraw, Lady Antebellum, etc.. and really started liking it. A buddy of mine and I went to see Keith Urban with Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch.

All three had great sound, I could easily hear each instrument nothing too loud or too low, and I could talk to by friend in the next seat. We did not have very good seats but the sound was really well done. The musicianship in the bands was flawless.

Top of the list was Keith, great stage presence, and guitar playing so tasty and he made it seem so effortless.


you know i was very surprised when i first really watched Keith.. im not a country fan but he sure got soul


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Not as familiar with Dustin Lynch but I am a fan of Urban and Little Big Town. Having seen Keith in concert I agree he's a great artist and guitar player. For me it has to be about the songs and both have some really good songs. LBT has some duds as well but hey, it's show-biz (Pontoon).

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