Went to NAMM


trying to keep my GAS at bay. great pictures and thanks for posting. it's almost like being there, but i get to keep my hearing. one question, was it loud in front of the Randall booth?


Another thanks for posting, Brent. Great shots. Glad you were able to get yourself into a bunch of them as well.

An observation: Most of the people pictured in your photos are (to be charitable) decidedly "middle-aged." Where are the young guitar slingers? Are there any? Even the passers-by in the photos seem pretty mature for Rock 'n Roll. Was there a younger contingent there, or were they just not at the guitar booths?

Granted, had I gone I would have fit right in, but it does not bode well for the guitar industry if there aren't any new young guitar gods. Who is going to buy my vintage guitars when I'm too old and deaf to play them? Hmmm, something to consider...


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Thanks Brentrocks! I really enjoyed all the pictures, it's great that you shared them with us.

Kalalau Hiker

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WOW! THANKS so much for all those photos! I KNOW how much work it is to size them down etc to post!

REALLY miss going to NAMM!

can I walk a mile in your shoes? Oh, it's NAMM... make that TEN miles (a DAY!!)

did you try the Lipe gutars? WHAT was that psychedelic looking Tele in the Huber photo?

did you see my buddy Bunny Brunel demoing his electric upright bass at the DiBella strings booth?
What concerts did you go to?

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