Went to see one of my heros last night


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Canadian blues rocker Tony Springer, he put on a great show.

He was playing through what I assume was an old twin turned up pretty good, but still cleanish, and getting a nice warm overdriven tone from something on the floor, very natural sounding, just good old saturation. It sounded great.

I found out he was kicking in a BOSS blues driver, don't know the settings.

And the pedalboard was all BOSS except for the wah. I guess the swtches never break on those things, a lot of guys that spend tme on the road seem to like them.


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Jimmy Thackerey has a mostly Boss pedalboard, and he has been gigging constantly at small clubs since the 70's. He gets an awesome sound too.
reliable switching system, widely available at many music stores, compact, decent sounding (with the exception of some of the high-gain distortions and the digital dirt pedals)....it's no real wonder why boss pedals are on so many pro and touring pedalboards.

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