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West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

Scott Miller

I have a question. Do you still or have you owned guitars made in the 50's. Do you still take them out and use them?
I have owned some 50's guitars, 55 Paul, 54 refin tele, 55 Strat, and I still have one, A Harmony H-62. I play it out.
It seems the older I get, newer things seem to work.
I play my '36 Harmony Cremona for all my acoustic gigs. They don't make them like that anymore.


I'm on a Kim kick. Great Brown Bandmaster/AC-30 tone!
Is that the ES-5 that is seen in Hollywood Fats video?
I had a chance to buy that guitar 17 years ago. From what I remember the guy who had it traded Kid a couple AC-30's for it. Sounded great, but had a really thin neck on it. The original case had a bunch of cool old James Harman band stickers on it. I ended up buying a 50's 295 from him instead.


Guitarist are Duke Robillard and Kid Bangham. Post JLV.
Thanks, did not recognize Duke R ( it's been a while for me) and I was thinking it was earlier...

Side note: I owned a 2-Tone SB Jimmie Vaughan Strat ( cheap Tex/ Mex) with the fat/V maple neck for a few years- sadly, stolen, but a great take on an affordable '50's style Strat- miss it!


When was this? It looks early, but no Jimmie Vaughan?
Who are the guitar players?
Sorry for my ignorance!
This is in 1992 from a show on The Nashville Network called "The Texas Connection". They were promoting the first post-JLV release "Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk" which I think is an underrated record.

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