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I've recently bought an '06 Splawn QR which sounds absolutely amazing...as long as you don't use the effects loop. If you do, the tone is squashed.

What do you all think of this idea:

Guitar>tuner, wah, OD, phaser>Quick Rod>Hot Plate>4x12 cab


Hotplate out>delays, reverb>DSL100 return>2x12 cab

I'd run the DSL100 on the green channel cranked up loud and clean.


The only issue i would probably find with that is that my hotplate only had a line output from memory, so may not work to it's full potential running into another guitar amp from there, but i guess it could be fine, i just never used my hotplate into the effect return of my DSL so i can't vouch for if that would work properly.

You might get a better response in the Amp/Cab forum though.


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Use the loop return on the DSL instead.


Thanks for the replies.

The return on the DSL is what I was thinking, too. Another option would be a Gibson GA15RV 1x12 that I have. It is loud and as clean as can be. Would this be a better wet amp?


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hell, the wet amp could be anything, it almost doesn't matter as long as it's loud and clean enough; got a peavey bandit combo lying around?

also, at that point you might try just using the effects loop send of the splawn, through the effects, into the other amp. if it's like most FX loop setups, plugging into the send doesn't interrupt the signal, so the splawn itself would be unaffected.

i would think the trick would be to use the delay-only out of the delay (if it has one), so that the wet amp is only serving to do the delay sound; put reverb and such after that. you'd probably then only need a little bit of volume from it.

finally, i'm surprised a top-dog amp like the splawn would have a bad loop like that; are you sure the problem isn't with the effects themselves, or the level settings or something?


Walter is correct, the challenge may be how to feed the reverb and delay so that there is 0 dry component in the wet amp's output, which if present, would be comb filtering with the dry amp. One way would be to have the delay and reverb in parallel with the delay output also mixed to the reverb input. (ie add a mini mixer of some kind)

Also, by taking the tap post power amp and then running that signal back again through an amp's front end and (depending on volume), power amp, you may be adding more crunch, which on the reverb in particular will not sound great. If your wet amp allows it, just going back into an effects return will help as you would bypass the pre-amp.

Unless the Splawn sounds different with just a cable inserted into the loop, send to return, the f/x loop issue is more likely a level or impedance mismatch which should be manageable with the right connections.

Finally, anytime you are connected multiple amps, be prepared to have to thoroughly debug the systems for ground loops and after you're done, assure you have specific cables assigned and labeled so you can set-up quickly and reliably.


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