Wet Rabbit - Kill The Robots, Pt.2


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Just 30 seconds in I liked it. I like it a lot. :)

Specifics, please. Guitar, effects, and recording rig...

Great job.


Guitar Rig (recording): Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster (stock) -> Pigtronix Philosopher King -> OCD v1.3 -> Moog Phaser -> Radial DI (Y splitter to sound card) -> M-Audio Fast Track Ultra -> Sonar X3e
Guitar Effects on track: Positive Grid Bias Amp -> Waves H-delay -> Valhalla Room

Synthesizers (both virtual and real analog):
NI Massive
Novation Bass Station II
DSI Tetra

It might be informative to note that apart from the main 8-note theme basically all guitar is improvised. I was jamming for about an hour, then selected the best 3 jams and then composited them into the final track.

By the way, the 8-note main theme is a musical recombination or paraphrase of Purple Haze & Shine On You Crazy Diamond main riffs.
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