WGS Veteran 10" speakers with Matchless (or Vox?)


Wondering if anybody has any experience running a Matchless into WGS veteran 10" speakers, particularly in a 2x10 configuration. Curious how the low end holds up, how they handle Matchless style overdrive, and whether they're up to the task of communicating the complex midrange and top-end character of the amp's voicing. They're cheap enough I'll probably get some to test it out with my own ears regardless, but figured it wouldn't hurt to check.


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I tried Veteran 10s with two Voxes--Night Train and AC15.
Much to my surprise, I much preferred them with the Night Train. They brought some dimed Vox character to it.
That being said, I like modern Vox amps and have always had a hard time bonding with an AC15. I guess I'm AC30 or nothing when it comes to vintage styled Voxes.
I don't know where they'd fit in with a Matchless, but like I said, they really took to a modern, gainy Vox.
I'd also look into the new ET10s.

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