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What album were you disappointed with the most when you purchased it?


Paul McCartney and Wings "Back to the Egg". It was a brand new release and I hadn't heard anything from it yet. I was in my early teens and the Beatles were my favorite at the time. It sucked so bad that it was only played once.


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Adrian Smith's ASAP thing. My mate and a brother was there also listening to it for the first time, and I just remember how the mood fell already a minute or so into the first song. Recently I listened to some of it again, and didn't think it was really that bad for the genre. But we were big Iron Maiden fans back then, and it didn't sound sufficiently like Maiden. We just wanted more stuff like Maiden.
My brother had this and I think I listened to it once. Not "sufficiently like Maiden" probably also why I didn't go back. I understand today that's on me. But thank god he's back where he belongs.

Attitude Era

I borrowed U2 “Zooropa” from the local library as a pre-teen. It just didn’t connect at all and for the longest time considered it the worst music I’d ever heard. I just didn’t “get it.”

Revisiting it much, much later, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They were making next level moves on that album. It sounded downright amazing and I finally “got it.”


10CC The Original Soundtrack. I bought it for the song 'I'm Not In Love', and I got the album because I couldn't find the 45 rpm single.

When I look back on it, the only thing I liked about 'I'm Not In Love' was the sound of the Rhodes electric piano.


I get it, there were definitely parts of PFP that clicked with me. It was awesome music do X or LSD, or whatever combo of who knows what we were doing that night and have crazy sex to with the girlfriend (of the day lol). Or just chill in all the black light posters and crazy lighting at one of our places. Hell, I think I will put it on right now for old times sake.

The girl in particular that made me think of that was this adorable jewish gogo dancer I met and hung with for a while. She loved Jane's as much as I did, we both loved punk and crazy **** like Zappa and other obscure things. Want to talk about a good start to a relationship? We met while each of us was visiting our significant others of the time at jail. Lol. We were doing unmentionably hedonistic things within the first hour of our first date. She ended up being a Dom too, but not with me, and now is a D.A. in one of the largest Metro areas in the country. Kinky as hell. I would wake up to her making love to my big toe sometimes. She supposedly loved to speak Greek, but apparantly my dictionary was larger than she was used to. LOL.
It's just how things were then. <fist bump>


There are some jam tracks, but the most jam track of all Stones songs is ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ right?
Not jam in like there is a solo. Jam in that it just sound sloppy. Can't you hear me knocking is one of my fav Stones songs.

He asked what album I was most disappointed with. I was really excited to hear the next one. For the most part, none of the songs really stuck out, pretty sloppy, it has been decades since I've listened to the whole thing, but I don't remember anything close to as exciting as Knocking on it. My opinion.
Not jam in like there is a solo. Jam in that it just sound sloppy.
A ‘jam’ is an off the cuff take or idea that you play. The only jam track on this album is ‘I Just Want To See His Face’. What do you think is sloppy specifically?

Mick Taylor was on top of his game here, really cemented his reputation as the Stones best lead guitarist and as a virtuoso. You may not like it, or prefer other albums, which of course is fine. But sloppy? I really don’t hear it.


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Metallica- St. Anger
Soundgarden- Louder Than Love
Gene Simmons- '78 solo album
Judas Priest- Ram It Down
John Mayer- Sob Rock


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This will be another vote for Metallica - The Black Album. My expectations were entirely too high. Over the years, I've come to not mind it so much. It'll never be a favorite, but it was more interesting to me than a lot of what was on the radio at the time.

John Quinn

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Badfinger - Wish You Were Here - rare hard to find album (because of a lawsuit - I was expecting the pop-rock of the previous album
- and it was a depressing collection of disastrous drab Monkey Poo. I guess Pete Ham's mental illness was getting the better of him.
i know there's been bunch of cd's i've bought and listened to them and my thoughts were : pretty lackluster, but honestly can't remember what they are now....

i do know that years ago, i bought radiohead's ok computer, it was on sale, and i tried to listen to it, after reading all the glowing reviews, and i just couldn't get into it, and i loved their first album.....don't know what it is about them, but i can't hear the greatness....it must be me.....
Thats the thing . If they don't grab me I most of the time give up put it away or give it away or once in a blue moon sell . Some I keep still wondering and make repeated attempts . I didn't care for The Meat Puppets 2nd album regardless of ALL the talk , Hype , Tributes it generated . Every few years I'd put it on and say nope then one time I caught the line ,

Tired of living Nixions mess

and it changed for me and I developed a liking for it


Maybe a bit unfair, but Dream Theater - Awake

Keep in mind, I had only heard one album from them - Images and Words, and I absolutely loved that album. It was perfect.

Awake is excellent, but quite different. At the time, it was not what I wanted. Learned to enjoy it later on.


I think it’s more of albums I liked at the time or convinced myself they were okay and now realize that I just can’t listen to them at all for any reason.


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I had a pal in Jr High who was one of the very few people I knew that didn't listen to top 40 and bubble gum. We also sometimes bought based on reviews and lp covers. The good news was that we would trade.

My best deal was trading "Steppenwolf Live" for "Let It Bleed". The very moment I dropped the needle on "Let It Bleed" (Gimme Shelter) I loved it. When "Monkey Man" came on, I began to think my pal was crazy and told him the next day. He was happy with Steppenwolf, that makes it a good deal. Wonder if he's kicking himself now.

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