What amp am I looking for?


So I'm no longer gigging and the Marshall half stack is gone. I'm looking for a low watt Marshall style tube amp replacement for my apartment.

My current amp is a 65 Fender Princeton Reverb. Various guitars have single coils, humbuckers and p90s.


1.) Wattage: 5-15 watts or so. Variable wattage amps get bonus points

2.) Reverb: High on my list but not required with the Princeton Reverb available.

3.) Tubes: I like EL34s but am open to others. Being able to switch tubes gets bonus points.

4.) Price: Would like under a grand, but money isn't really a concern.

5.) Speaker: Love the sound a good closed back cab with a Marshall rumble. Open cab combos will do. Celestions and Webers are personal faves.

5.) Tone: Low to medium gain. No metal amps. Primary sound would be Social Distortionish/JCM800 type. Maybe plexi. I hate "buzzy" overdrive and adore warm tube saturation.

6.) Channels: One or two.

7.) Size: Nothing enormous.

I've got a list of amps that fit the above requirements, BUT I'm looking to you guys to just throw out what you think would fit the bill. Otherwise I'll get the postives and negatives of pretty much just the amps I listed.

Thanks a lot in advance for the advice! Stuff like this is what makes the Gear Page great, IMHO.
Marshall 4203 (or 3203 head if you want to get an external cab). Great sounding at low volumes (30 watts), EL-34 based power stage with a SS front end. Bedroom sound, but can swing in a band. Overlooked amp.

And CHEAP. $400 off the 'bay.


Rockytop amps has a 5-7watt jcm800 style amp
Single ended so you can use nearly any power tube you want.

I've seen them go used for 700$

The website is kinda lacking..

Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 would cover both fender tweed tones and the lower wattage Marshall but it is a bit pricier then 1k

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