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What amps did Nuno use on Waiting for the Punchline?


I love the tone and the rawness of the album, too. That's probably my favorite Extreme album.


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I thought punchline was one of the best albums they did - great tone from Nuno.


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I remember in a guitar mag he talked about loving the Vibroverb, how the amp sounded like the tubes were on fire, and you could hear every nuance, etc, etc. Compared to the ADA rack stuff, he was loving a "real" amp. Etc.


The reissue 63 vibroverb is undeniably the amp tone of that album. It is really astonishing to crank one of those amps into a 4x12 ...there it is...punchline tone.

Now if I could just make myself get over my PTP snobbiness and just buy one of those amps again. I owe alot of my guitar technique to that album.
Yeah, the reissue '63 (brown) Vibroverb was one that he allegedly used.
I've been able to crank the brown 1990's Fender reissue and it is absolutely without a doubt the amp Nuno used on most of WFTP. There's Soldano on that record too... but the beautiful raw, stratty tones are the Fender amp. STOCK.

Can it get crunchy and gainy enough to handle leads? The punchline album did have killer tone though, you guys are right on that one. Wonder how good his amp with Randall will be. Apparently he has been going back and forth between Marshall and hughes and Kettner live and found himself coming back to the Marshalls all the time. The Randall is supposed to be all the things he wanted from both amps but could not quite get. We'll see about that. He'll probably still have a Soldano hidden under the stage ;)

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