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what are good resources for entry-level pedal/amp mod stuff?


Sorry if this is maybe not in the best section, couldn't figure out where to put general electronics questions.

Are there any good resources/books to get a person into the world of basic guitar electronics, like minor amp mods and simple pedal design? If a person can solder and is handy and curious how do they take the next step. I made the mistake of getting "How to Hot Rod Your Fender Amplifier" and it is more for doing medium to advanced stuff on point-to-point wired old amps and I can't really apply it though it's chapters explaining how tube amps work were good.

I can rewire pickups, do simple things like treble bleeds on volume pots and reattaching wires in pedals but want to take it to the next level.

1) Is it worth it to really start at the beginning and get a basic electronics book explaining, for example, what capacitors do when I know basically what they do?

2) Are there books/websites that start simple, like maybe building simple pedals?


Check out Craig Anderton's book Electronic Projects for Musicians.
It has a easy to understand beginning section on the basics of wiring and using tools.
Then it has a whole bunch of projects ranging from simple to more difficult.

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