What are some of the best shows you've seen over the years, and stories!

Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by big mike, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. big mike

    big mike Plexi Loving Admin Staff Member

    Oct 31, 2003
    Here, there and everywhere
    I like positivity more than negativity so I'm practicing what I preach and starting my own new thread.

    Let's hear em, great shows, fun stories, etc.

    Some of mine;

    Allman brothers band...got there to find Storyville replaced the scheduled opener.
    Yes 5th row for my hero David Grissom, and didn't know I'd get to see them,. SOOO phenominal. ABB was great as well, believe if I recall that was the Jack Pearson/Dickey lineup.

    Stones "Bridges to bablyon' tour at Oakland Coloseaum. A friend took me. Pearl Jam opened.
    I'm standing in the Raider endzone where the sea of hands catch took place, watching Keef tear it up. Couldn't figure out which I was more stoked about. LOL

    2nd row Santana and Jeff Beck. Freaking outstanding. Jeff is a true technician I was in awe. Carlos was on that night as was the band, really fantastic.

    Clapton after 24 nights. Great show, so happy I got to see him.

    Joe Bonamassa in Sonora at a small venue. Got to hang out with him for a couple hours after thanks to Jim Wagner and shoot the breeze. Class guy.

    Gov't Mule first tour at Great American music hall in SF. Just stunning.

    Sammy Hagar...every single time. Fantastic Party. Especially when He'd bring Montrose out.

  2. teleman1

    teleman1 Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2006
    Ziggy Stardust Long Beach Arena. Best concert I ever saw or heard. Best thing was I had no idea what I was in for.
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  3. Lax

    Lax Member

    Mar 6, 2016
    Nice, France
    Well my favorite show ever is dream theater in france, villeurbanne for the six degrees tour, 3 hours of eargasm and I felt like a child in front of my superheroes.

    I enjoyed 2 great shows at Nimes france too, rather punky like festivals with offsprings, sum41, blink182, all american rejects, shaka ponk etc...
    Felt like a teenager again ^^

    System of a down in milan when they re-banded was cool !
    My chemical romance at paris just before they clashed was very cool too !

    That's a lot, so let's say I have loads of shows that could be in this list :)

    (No I go to the topic of the worst shows)
  4. JayRock78

    JayRock78 Member

    Feb 28, 2018
    Virginia Beach
    Guns N Roses not in this lifetime tour in Winston-Salem, NC. I got tickets in like the 8th row. It may have been the best show I have ever been to. Notable mention is also A7X, Deftones & Ghost a few years ago. Both of these shows were Epic productions. Loved them.
  5. Bluzeboy

    Bluzeboy Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2006
    Couple of standouts I can still recall very clearly..
    B.B King with Bobby Bland
    Richard Thompson (any of them, pick one)
    Feat with Lowell
    Keb Mo right after the first recordings
    Taj and the Tuba band ( didnt see the shows but was at the rehearsals)
    Allmans at the steel pier with Ed the diving horse.
  6. el_bastardo

    el_bastardo Member

    Apr 15, 2018
    Too many to list.

    A recent highlight for me was seeing The Misfits "reunited" in Chicago. I've liked the original Misfits since I was like 14 years old and obviously never dreamed that I'd ever get to see them because they didn't exist when I discovered them. But the three main members getting back together was pretty damn awesome. And for a horror-punk band that was pretty much nothing in their actual prime, it was the biggest festival crowd I'd ever seen.
  7. Amplifier Owner

    Amplifier Owner Member

    Feb 28, 2014
    Pearl Jam playing an ancient hockey arena, bringing Neil Young out after an hour, and then playing a bunch of his songs.

    Seeing cracker in a small bar in Toledo (Frankie's) just before 'Low' was a hit - David Lowery sang most of the set standing on the bar in front of me and my girlfriend.

    Iggy Pop playing a club in Orlando, after Lust for Life was released.
  8. supergenius365

    supergenius365 Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2005
    U2 Achtung Baby/Zoo TV - A sensory overload filled with great music.

    Marty Stuart - in a small club in downtown Winston-Salem. Four amazing musicians who put on an amazing show.

    Paul Simon Graceland Tour
    Son Volt - at the same small club as Marty Stuart.

    Samantha Fish - trio format. Rocked the house down.
    Bowie - Let’s Dance Tour
  9. Alchemist XP

    Alchemist XP Silver Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2016
    Van Halen in 79 ... Pink Floyd doing "The Wall" in LA in the Late 70's ... George Thoroughgood many times ... Stones on Steel Wheels tour ... The Who over and over ... Neil Young and Crazy Horse many times ... Chris Isaak at House of Blues in 2005 ... Setzer many, many times always sensational ... Robert Plant 3 years ago ...
  10. big mike

    big mike Plexi Loving Admin Staff Member

    Oct 31, 2003
    Here, there and everywhere
    OMG Right? Saw them recently in Berkeley on the way out west tour...few months back. Holy mother of B Benders...
    that was just an AMAZING show. Every musician in that band is like...without peer.
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  11. 8raw

    8raw Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    upstate ny
    Stones at Giant Stadium touring Bridges to Babylon. They played several songs off albums besides the standards, which was fantastic. Then halfway through they took "the bridge" to a small stage in the middle of the audience and played old school stuff like Little Queenie, stuff they might play at a high school dance or something. I was close to the little stage, it was pretty cool and they were totally on.
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  12. mannish

    mannish Member

    Feb 12, 2010
    never seen a better show than Lyle Lovett & Large Band - it does not get better seen him several times as good as it gets

    shows that stick out -
    Doc Watson at Ryman
    Red Devils at Beale Street Fest
    John Campbell at Beale Street fest
    Koko Taylor
    ZZ Top in the 70s
    Joe Cocker/SRV
    EmmyLou Harris & The Hot Band in the 70s
  13. stimpson

    stimpson Member

    May 10, 2016
    Lollapalooza 1993 - the debut of two new bands called RATM and TOOL (they were pretty much unknown before this tour). also, Alice in Chains blew everyone off the stage. Layne Staley was a madman and Mike Inez had recently joined the band

    Sonic Youth & Dinosaur Jr (Amherst college 1995) - both bands at their peak and sonically crushing

    Wacken 2006 - Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Ministry, Emperor, and dozens of other metal bands. you will never see a lineup like that again. spent a week in Amsterdam "recovering" afterwards
  14. 67blackcherry

    67blackcherry Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2009
    South Orange County, CA

    VH, Diver Down, Las Vegas, 1982 - I took this, my elbows were on the stage the entire night; EVH was The King and VH ruled the world.

    The Stones, Steel Wheels Tour, LA Colliseum - Keef was on fire as was the band, he killed all those tasty fills on Bitch and was in top form. Bridges to Babylon and Tattoo You were also excellent shows but Steel Wheels was my fav.

    Aerosmith - Get A Grip and Just Push Play bit I gotta go with Just Push Play because A) they played Seasons AND Lord Of The Thighs; B) we were front row and the band was flirting with my wife and her GF all night; C) I caught Steven’s harp that he played on Pink; D) that was a few moths before my wife was diagnosed with leukemia

    Jeff Beck (w/ Santana) The Greek, LA, 1993(?) we walked down to the front, 3 or 4 rows back, amazing show.
    Jeff Beck, The Grove, 2005 - my brother (also huge fan) and I were 3rd row, JB played a bunch of older stuff and he killed it as usual. After one rather intense passage, my bro looks at me and all the other guitarists with our jaws agape and says “he’s taking you to school, isn’t he?!!”

    Jeff Beck, HOB Las Vegas, first tour with Jennifer Batten; I know a lot of folks don’t like that period of his career but I dug it! It was like Nine Inch Nails meets end of the world guitar...BRILLIANT!!

    Blue Murder, The Greek LA - John Sykes was incredible, such a great singer & guitarist and Tony & Carmine?!??

    Bryan Adams opening for The Stones in ‘98/‘99, they played as a trio (Keith Scott on guitar, Bryan played bass) all dressed in white, white guitars, amps, drums, and they were awesome.

    Yngwie - not a huge fan but he was playing a very small club in Orange County (thank you, grunge!) and to see him from 10’ away, playing as if it was the LA Forum....awesome. That harmonic minor scale did get a bit old rather fast, though....

    Van Halen, private friends & family show, last rehearsal prior to the ADKOT tour at the LA Forum w/ Kool & The Gang opening.
    I never thought it would work but Kool was great - talk about getting a crowd going - and to see VH at the Forum and the main floor wasn’t even full....I didn’t want to crowd up front so we just chilled about 20’ back from the stage on Ed’s side...hadn’t seen him since the train wreck of. 2004 and he was amazing....sober....played his ass off.
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  15. wombat66

    wombat66 Member

    Nov 8, 2005
    Last fall's hardly strictly bluegrass festival sunday I watched in consequtive order Randy Newman, Lukas Nelson (Willie's son and he's terrific) The Ornette Coleman Prime Time Reunion (with Marc Ribot), Cheap Trick (f'ing fab), and Lucinda Williams.
    Each act incredibly cool and each act completely different and unique. The weather for this concert in gorgeous golden gate park was as good as SF ever gets. And the crowds were manageable because these performances weren't even the headliners or most popular at the festival. And it was free, the vibe beautiful, and the park smelled very "medicinal". The hippie dream of 50 years ago matured and manifested in modern times.

    (Unfortunately that night the sky glowed red as the devastating sonoma and napa fires had begun)
  16. marktweedy

    marktweedy In Transit®

    Jun 11, 2009
    Vancouver, BC
    CSNY, The Band, Joni Mitchell, and Jesse Colin Young on one bill, at Wembley in 1974.

    Elvis Costello and Alan Toussaint at the Orpheum in Vancouver, in 2006. As close as I have come to a spiritual experience at a show. Two giants playing together on an absolutely sublime level.

    Vince Gill, in his Time Jumpers incarnation, in Nashville, last year.

    The Stones in Havana, Cuba, in 2016, with about 1,000,000 other folks.

    Chuck Berry at the Duck Room in St. Louis in about 2006. He was old and tired, but it was still Chuck Berry.

    David Bowie in about 1976/77 on the "Station to Station" tour. Still the loudest show I have ever attended.

    And many more...
  17. mixwiz

    mixwiz Member

    Nov 17, 2010
    Though it's an incomplete list, here are a few:
    Zappa's Turkey Trot shows in St Paul in the 70's
    Jeff Beck and SRV (They played together for the encore)
    Commander Cody at a bar in Lawerence Kansas. It was about 110 degrees and the airmen put on a clinic of American Rock and Roll.
    Todd Rundgren back to the bars tour. (I stood in the front row and frantically tried to remember guitar licks.
    Elvis Costello at the Longhorn in mpls 1977(?) I was a cab driver at the time and picked him up at the airport. He was stunned when I recognized him.
    Wilco about two years ago. The show was absolutely perfect.
    James Brown at the Cabooze. He'd just lost his jet and this was basically the IRS tour. 10 feet from the stage. Any closer and I'm sure I would have exploded.
    Sam and Dave. Same place in the early 80's (can you tell I don't like arenas?)
    Prince at First Ave (can't pick a fav)
    Paul Simon Graceland tour. He had about a million people in the band and they sounded great. He's suprisingly upbeat and positive live. Who knew?
    Little Feat with Lowell
    Mahavishnu Orchestra late 70's. I nearly quit playing guitar because of that show.
    Grace Potter at a corporate gig in Vegas. They had some old guy from texas with a really long beard playing guitar with them.

    I'm missing lots and I guess I realize that there are very few concerts that I didn't like.
  18. supergenius365

    supergenius365 Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2005
    My wife is really not that into live music. That show had her dancing and clapping and shaking her booty. She would have even bought a concert T-shirt but they ran out of her size in the one she wanted. It was truly a powerful show.
  19. sleewell

    sleewell Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    trey playing w phil and friends in vegas is up there for me. must have been 2006. started after midnight and was light out when it ended.
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  20. ReddRanger

    ReddRanger Supporting Member

    Jan 27, 2006
    I went to that tour in Oakland as well. I can't remember which night, but it rained. Pearl Jam opened in a downpour but they killed it. I was super impressed with them. Just before the Stones came on, the rain stopped like magic. Keith even joked about it.

    Nine Inch Nails with QOTSA, Oakland Coliseum, 2005, was the best rock show I have ever been to. QOTSA rocked big time as the opener, and NIN put on an awesome show with superb visual effects.

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