What are some of your favourite guitar moments on Black Crowes albums?


I don't know their catalogue that well, but there are a few solos by Marc Ford and Luther Dickinson that are amazing.

I just want to make sure that I haven't missed out on any.



I think I'm in the minority here on TGP but, "Shake Your Money Maker" is my personal favorite album. The whole thing, all the way through. Just stellar tones and vibe through out. Don't get me wrong, Mark Ford, Audley Freed, and Luther Dickinson are amazing inthe band as well. I just prefer the first album.

That said...."Soul Singing" on Lions has one of he best solos I've ever heard. Simple, subtle, and just fantastic tone.


Southern Harmony, Amorica and Three Snakes. I wish they made a true double album consisting of The Band sessions and all of the unreleased/b-sides from the Marc Ford era instead of By Your Side. The out of print Lost Crowes/Band kind of fulfills this but there are ton more amazing songs from the Marc Ford era like Title Song, Exit, Pastoral, Feathers that I wish they pursued instead of By Your Side.


Ford’s solo on ‘Sometimes Salvation’ is one of my favorite fuzz solos.

Yep, and that intro is just incredibly tasty. It sounds like a pos. 2 Strat into a Marshall or Matchless, and to me it's among the best guitar tones ever recorded.
Add to that flawless playing & taste.
Amazing stuff, really.

I always liked that riff at the beginning of jealous again.
Oh yes. I used to cover this one with my band at some point. Great open G lick, great tone!


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I love his take on open G Richard's style riffing. So easy..........but its genius and impossibly difficult to come up with something new. Rich can appear aloof and weird......but I believe he's a brilliant songwriter. Only wish He brought Mark Ford with him. The Magpie salute is better then some of the previous Black crows releases.


Longtime Crowes fan here. I dig ALL of the lineups in one way or another, but the Ford era is my favorite - I love Marc's playing. Most of my favorite moments, though, aren't solos. Listen to Marc's delicate but perfect playing during "Nonfiction". The two guitars together in "One Mirror Too Many". The opening of "Under a Mountain".

I had a religious experience seeing them on the "Brotherly Love" tour, when the stage went dark, a spotlight hit just Rich, holding his 335, and he started into "Cursed Diamond". Utterly moving and amazing.

So many good moments, good solos, good playing...I just love the Crowes :).


All of Bad Luck, Blue Eyes Goodbye on Southern Harmony.

Might be an odd inclusion, because that's mostly just a vibe tune, and most of the fireworks are vocal....the guitar is pretty straight-ahead, "plain vanilla" bluez.

But it's done so well, and in such a complimentary fashion, that it almost makes a plain vanilla bunch of blues licks a hero. There's always something interesting for the ear to catch that still doesn't overwhelm or overtly distract from what the song is.

I mean....this thread could easily be answered by saying "Southern Harmony" and calling it a day. But I always thought the complete package really stood out on BLBEG.

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