What are some pedals you think are under-rated / sleepers?

Emma Reezafratzitz. Whether you have the original or the second version as far as I'm concerned it's possibly the best distortion pedal there is, and I don't see a lot of people using it.


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Ibanez SD9M Sonic Distortion Mod.

It’s a factory modded TS9 Tube Screamer. When a regular Tube Screamer isn't enough, toggle switches let you push your gain and mid-range bite. The perfect pedal for Tube Screamer tone with high-gain drive. Gain Boost toggle lets you kick up the gain for more aggressive drive. Mid Boost toggle pushes midrange, putting a sharper edge on your tone.


Gunslinger: Gain at 1, Treble at 1, Bass at 3. Gives me a great “rock” tone for both rhythm and leads. Neck pickup on my Strat sounds amazing, cleans up just a bit.

Grind Fuzz: I keep the Gain just shy of full-on, but I’ve got the voltage drain setting backed off slightly so it’s a little squishy.
Thanks! I’ve gotten great saturated lead tones out of my Gunslinger but struggled to find a rhythm sound. I’ll give this a try.


Thanks! I’ve gotten great saturated lead tones out of my Gunslinger but struggled to find a rhythm sound. I’ll give this a try.
I've even tried it with the gain barely at 9 and the volume cranked higher for more of a "natural" amp-like tone. For me, the magic is not pushing the gain past 1 and then dialing in the bass to fill it out just enough and have the treble at the right spot where it doesn't get "toothy" on the ears.


The TC Mojo Mojo.
It doesn't have a signature tone 'thing' that it does uniquely, nor does it sound like a particular type of amp, but it has terrific tone-shaping capabilities.
It is one of the best pedals I have found to juice a Vox amp - anywhere from edge of breakup to mid-gain. It is one of those rare pedals that sounds good with a Vox, and it sounds neutral, just like cranking up the amp. I found it to be even better than my Tim/Timmy - a little more 'forward' sounding - for Voxes.
And for Fender amps, I use it to juice a few of my other pedals (RC, Tim) for a fat, singing, yet raunchy lead tone that retains note clarity. With the tone switch in the up position, it has something going on in the low mids that just fattens things up wonderfully without getting bloated or muddy - it gets anywhere from wonderfully raunchy, greasy, Tweed-y type tones that are terrific for slide, all the way to EJ violin-type stuff. In this context with a Fender amp, it does similar things as a TS (not as compressed), but the gain is of a different nature - more grainy and edgy - and the bass and treble tone controls are much more powerful.
The Mojo Mojo is not a great 'stand alone' pedal - pretty meh - but it is absolutely terrific as a juicer/tone-shaper. I am very happy that I stumbled across it by accident.
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I love it when the very first response totally misses the point. Usually, you've got to wait until at least the second page.
you do realize his point was likely sarcasm, as its been a bit of a running joke to post about klon or timmy in ANY pedal recommendation thread, regardless if it makes sense, for, i dunno, a good three+ years or more now.

not that i find it THAT entertaining