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What are some ridiculously awesome TV themes?

One of my bands used to do a fun jam based on the Courageous Cat theme.
Another one did a couple of movie ones, the Pink Panther theme and a version of the James Bond one.

Greg V.

I always loved Hawaii Five-O, Green Acres and the Max Headroom TV series that I played guitar on in 1987! Here's the opening credits with my 1980's futuristic guitar loud and proud! It was actually a really cool show that was ahead of its time in many regards. Had such a blast playing on the shows weekly soundtrack with composer Corey Lerios from Pablo Cruise. And after Max Headroom ended I also played with Corey on the TV series O'Hara, Parker Louis Can't Lewis and several seasons of Baywatch, fun times!


I'm beginning to think this was the best TV theme of the Aughts . . . and maybe one of the ten best of all time . . .



Many of the above were composed by Mike Post, master of the medium. A fascinating long-form interview with him can be seen at:


A few spoilers: he claims to be, along with Roger McGuinn, one of the two players in early 60s LA that were playing the Rickenbacker 12-string in that manner. His chance meeting with Stephen J. Cannell went from potential fistfight to one of the longest, most productive and profitable working relationships ever. He came up with the brass-punch bridge for Mason Williams' 'Classical Gas.'


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Some great stuff in here that really brought me back!

There are a few that I remember distinctly from childhood that I haven't seen posted in this thread. A lot of the old posts aren't showing the youtube vids though, so forgive me if I have repeats.

First, one of the most recognizable 80s themes that I didn't see posted yet:

The next is Dynasty. This would come on just as I was going to bed, so it became part of my routine to make sure I was in bed as it was coming on.

Another favorite that I haven't seen posted yet. One of these days I want to learn to play it on the guitar:

And lastly, an obscure one. This was from a show called Street Hawk. It premiered right after my 8th birthday, and only made it 1/2 a season. I LOVED this show and was devastated when it was cancelled. It had a super cool theme.

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