What are the best of the Stone Temple Pilot albums?


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Purple is my favorite. Hell, they’re all great albums and snapshots in life. STP, the Deleo bros have had a monumental impact on my guitar/musical influences.


Lots of great STP songs ,@ Too cool Queenie “has one of my favourite solos and I really liked “I got you “ from No 4. Honourable mention to “ Between the Lines”.


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After the first three PJ albums, certainly. Early PJ is great, though. But so different than STP. Tough to compare. That said, at this point I listen to STP waaay more than I listen to PJ. It’s much more fun.
I think PJ wrote better from No Code-Binaural.


I don't really have a favorite STP album, and don't listen to the ones I have much, but I am very impressed with the guitarist. He isn't much on leads and doesn't seem to be real technically skilled, but he is extremely clever at manipulating rhythm patterns and putting together interesting chords. The way the chord structures to Plush follow a descending chromatic bass line with chords that aren't following the bass line as the root is pure genius.
I am not a big fan of most of the music that took rocks place after it bit the dust, but STP definitely is one of the pop bands that came along later that were able to glean something from rock and put a rock groove to their music.


Way more than you asked, but I love this band.

1. Purple
It highlights all of the strengths they showed on Core, but avoids some of the 'first time in a studio' issues on Core, where it's now somewhat clear that what came out isn't quite who they were becoming.

There's something good from every angle of STP on Purple; it's got the heady songs like Vasoline and Lounge Fly, the muscular stuff like Meatplow, Unglued, and Army Ants, and the big sprawlers like Big Empty, and Silvergun. Plus, Kitchenware and Candybars is just gorgeous, as is Still Remains. Interstate Love Song is one of the most perfect pop/rock songs ever written, and I'll fight over this.

2. Tiny Music
If you like Purple, Tiny Music is "Purple Part II: We're Comfortable Being A Little Weird". Big Bang Baby is Jumpin' Jack Flash on 'shrooms. Trippin' On A Hole is the best straight rock song they ever wrote and will make you want to run through a GD brick wall. Pop's Love Suicide and Tumble in the Rough are (loosely) Unglued and Army Ants if they were tossed down a flight of stairs while wearing a Bowie/Ziggy suit. And So I Know is Robert's tribute to Joao Gilberto with sweet, sweet, Dean phrasing. Adhesive, Ride the Cliche and Seven Caged Tigers are big, beautiful songs that you need to listen to on headphones to catch everything going on. And if you're a little stoned, they get even better. Scott has truly become himself as a lyricist. I like Tiny Music better than Purple, but I'd never recommend it as a first listen to people who know them only from the hits like Plush.

3. No. 4
It is the logical successor to Purple, but a little more (over?) muscular that's completely reflective of what they were going through at the time. Down, Heaven and Hot Rods, Pruno, and Church on Tuesday are a first-four that will kick you in the head. No Way Out is a brutal classic. The softer songs are lush with melodies that'll have you putting them on repeat. Glide is amazing. Sour Girl is as fresh today as it was 20 years ago. And once you know that the Spanish girl Scott sings about in Atlanta is heroin, and how she's "out of my life", he'll break your heart.

4. Core
It's a great album, but it's very of-the-90's. Plush is still amazing, but later live versions of Wicked Garden are less 2-dimensional. Dead and Bloated, Crackerman, and Piece of Pie are still concert staples, but they did better version of this type of song later in their careers.

The 2010 self-titled and Shangri-La-De-Da both have really good songs, but didn't get as fleshed out as the Big 4. Mash the best cuts together and you have a 3rd nearly-perfect album that stands with Tiny Music and Purple.

STP 2010: Between The Lines, Take A Load Off (love this one) and Dare If You Dare could have been Tiny Music Songs. Cinnamon is a shot at jangle pop. It's an uneven record

Shangri-La-De-Da is either great or awful without a lot of in-between. Days of the Week, Coma, Long Way Home and Hollywood Bitch are all really good. Everything else.... eh, they did them better before.

I can't address the 2018 album. It's good, but it's not fair to Jeff or the boys to compare it to (and yeah, I'll go there) one of the great catalogs of the rock era. I could write 10,000 words on STP.
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Oh, but there are so many more. Some of the deep cuts are better than the 'hits'

The beauty of STP records is that their songs actually get better once you get beyond the hits. My 3 favorite STP songs are Still Remains, Adhesive, and Atlanta and those were never ever getting on the radio.

As for the definitive listening experience, it's Purple, Tiny Music, & #4. Core was ok but not "their" sound. I think they lost their fastball after #4. But, man, those 3 albums are pure audio gold. I gave the new album a listen and it's a solid pass. The new singer just doesn't have it, at least not in terms of bringing life to what Robert and Dean are coming up with. His voice is flat to me.

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Tiny Music for me, hands down. It’s the sound of a band that’s achieved huge commercial success making the scuzzier, artier album they always wanted to make. Scott was a very, very talented and versatile frontman, but he was at his best when he was channeling his glam/Bowie influences, and they are all over this record.

I’d argue their BEST songwriting is on this record. Lady Picture Show, Trippin on a Hole, Big Bang Baby, and some deeper cuts like Adhesive and And So I Know are all terrific.

I just wish they had pushed further in this direction - but Scott had a lot of issues in this time and when they returned several years later, it was the height of the Nu-Metal phase and I think they caught up with trying to put out a very heavy record to fit, the pretty forgettable “4,” which was mostly redeemed by “Sour Girl” which would have fit beautifully on Tiny Music.
+1 :aok
I'm only interested in the first two albums & only half the tracks of that 2nd album.
The one they did with Chester was actually good, better than the albums after Purple, IMHO.


Has At-****ing-lanta been mentioned yet?

This version tears me up.

I believe it was filmed for VH1 Storytellers the night before he began his jail sentence.

I loved Scott as a frontman, and as time has passed since his death, it's hit me more and more - he might have been one of the great rock frontmen ever.

Two phenomenal shows:


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