What are the pros and cons to letting another band cover a song I wrote?


I got a message today from a friend in another band. He wants to cover a song I wrote. I'm hesitant about it but I'm not sure why?

I'm wondering what the potential drawbacks could be as well as what the positives that might come from it?

The song is very special to me and I always get great feedback on it. It's on my bands latest CD. My band and I are located in Ca. and my friend lives in Oklahoma.

I don't know if he wants to re-record it and put it on a CD of theirs or if they just want to play the song at gigs.

I understand that I probably don't have any real power as to whether or not they cover the song. I haven't responded to the request yet. I wanted to get some feedback here first before I give them my thumbs up......or down.


Make sure you have it copyrighted and publishing rights on it, and let them do it. It could lead to something good for you.


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There was a similar thread here very recently. My take: I write songs. If people want to do them, great. If your friends record yours, you'll probably want to talk about mechanical royalties. That said, I've had friends record my songs and I generally haven't pursued mechanical royalties. We're friends and they help me out when they can. One band helped me pick up a Hammond A-100 (300-some lbs), hauled it in their van, and loaded it into my house.

Also register with ASCAP, BMI ot SESAC in case the recorded songs get airplay.

Also, make sure to go to their gigs frequently. The band will point you out from the stage and play the song. Girls will come up to you and say "you wrote that song? I love that song." Perks may follow.

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