What are the thoughts on the Vox TB35C Bruno amps?


I've been looking for a alt country, Texas sounding amp and ran across a group (Uncle Lucious) and the lead guitar player was rocking one and it sounded great. I did some research and there isn't a ton of info on these amps.

1. Anyone have one and love or hate it?

2. What did you like/dislike about it?


It is a Fender voicing with the VOX logo on it from what I understand. I would prefer a VOX AC for country but Fender voiced amps can do it to.


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The one I played couldn't decide if it was a Fender or a Vox. Plus inrember something on itbcreating a lot ofbehite noise (a switch thatbdid some tonal variation?).

Anyways I personally was non-plussed by it.


Never had a chance to play one, but I always liked the tones in that clip :

unfortunately most other clips were less convincing imho, so it has been put on the "consider if there's a cheap one locally that I can try" list.
The 35W 212, that is.

A 30CC2 can be had comparably cheap, maybe a bit more with Blues, and is a safe bet for Texas country.
just saying,


It has its own tone. I find that I tend to want to emulate the sounds I hear on records. This amp doesn't do that very well. If you want your own tone, this amp might be perfect for you.


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TB35s are heavy! I have a TB18 and love it. Fender DR-type circuit with a little Vox chime. They were blowing out both versions a few years ago for crazy low prices. The TB18s were $400 and think the TB35s were $550. Helluva a deal. I think the TB35 has spring reverb, right? The digital reverb on the TB18 is virtually useless and it benefited from a tube upgrade, but otherwise it's great stock. Big iron.

Designed by Tony Bruno, made in China. Never marketed, hence the low blowout prices.

I took mine by the /13 shop and Fred ran it in through its paces and took some readings and seemed generally impressed. Said you couldn't buy the parts to make the amp for $400. There are a couple old threads on these amps....


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This turned out pretty sweet:
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For those of you that don't know, the Vox/Bruno collaboration TB35 is essentially a Fender blackface preamp and tube driven reverb coupled to a cathode biased quad 6V6 power section with a couple of extra mods/features. It comes equipped with a Celestion G12-65, which gives it a cool voicing somewhat between American and British/Vox AC (which I guess is to be expected, considering the pairing). I came across a minty JBL K120 that I'm eventually getting a 1x12 cab for, but in the meantime I stuck it into the TB35C1. The JBL is very revealing of the Fender circuit lurking inside. The amp cleans now sound just as good as any blackface Fender amp I've played and I personally like the overdrive character more from this power section. It gives a sweeter/fuller overdriven sound than the harsher sound I've associated from playing Princeton Reverb/Deluxe Reverb/Twin Reverb/Showman amps. These amps are real sleepers on the used market if you want a mid-powered classic Fender sound without dropping too much coin.
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