What are you listening to right now?


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Flying today... as usual, and checking in between flights. :wave

I travel with a ton of music to get me from here there there and back again, and like everyone that posts in this thread I’m truly grateful for the gift of music and those that create and share it. Music can enhance a good day and can salvage a bad one. It’s a wonderful thing!

Back on topic though, I’m listening to a lot of the Mark Knopfler catalog recently. What a ‘tasteful’ player he is. His ability to perfectly place a single note or to fill a tiny space with a bucket of them, there’s nothing missing and at the same time nothing overdone in his songs. It’s just as it needs to be.

Here’s one pulled out of a hat, could have been anything really, it’s all wonderful to my ears. Cheers!


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Cheryl Crow play at a $$ outside venue

200 yards away w a cigar, free and ez

... no no not Cheryl