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What are your favorite headphones to use with modeling at ANY price?


If you were I infinitely wealthy, what headphones would buy to use with your modeler for those middle of the night inspirational moments? Now, also post your favorite budget headphones as well.



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I haven't tried any extremely high priced phones, but I can't think of anything my Sennheiser HD650 are lacking; comfy, and sound very true to my ears.

For budget I like the AKG K240 series, good bang for the buck as they say. The Sony MDR-7506 are OK, a bit bright for me, but I do like them for tracking as you can hear what you need well.


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Budget phones? I like the Tascam TH-200x.. were on sale at GC for $20....
normally $99
My AKG K-240’s are very neutral sounding... still great headphones...
High end? Don’t know.. wouldn’t spend $400 on headphones...
Many folks rave over the Grado’s......not that expensive


I can't A/B with other decent headphones, but another endorsement of AKG-240s here. When I first got them I thought they were a little too bright but I was just used to consumer/gaming headsets. Now I really love the sound but especially the comfort. I hate putting on a gaming headset now.
If I had to use something, it would be my IEMs. Westone AM-PRO 30's. Otherwise, I detest headphones. Haven't found any that sound good.


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My pick: Sennheiser HD6xx for $220 at Drop.com. It's a neutral headphone that's warm on the high end so it's not as harsh or fatiguing. The open back makes them sound natural.

Lottery pick: Sennheiser HD800 for $1700. Still neutral with maybe a little more pleasing response? I dunno I will never own one I'm sure.

Budget pick: Superlux HD668B for $40. I used these for a few years, and while they are overly bright in the high end, for $40 they are nicely detailed and have a natural open back sound.


I've had a pair of Sennheiser 280 Pro HD for a long time. Used for a workstation keyboard and now through a small modeling amp. They've worked well. There's better ones out there, but these are good and not going to kill one's budget.
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Pfft any price? Go buy some 64 Audio moulded IEM’s. They will CRUSH and open back phones you can try. The more drivers the better. I have A6t’s and I’d say that would be the entry level for guitarists.


This has piqued my interest: I was always under the impression the AT m50x phones were pretty good but I now hear quite a few people saying they are too scooped.

I have some and it may explain why I'm always trying to add mids in, but I'm clearly no expert :dunno

the swede

Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm. I think they are alright, closed though, and can get a litle claustrofobic feeling after long use only playing guitar, but i use them for everything, wonderfull to listen in when i want loud but kids sleep. And thats also why i went for closed, i can use open headphones in the basement where i dont bother people, but i spend most my time on the first floor where everybody else is. For recording and mixing they shoul be alright, they reveal excess lows and highs (but they are not scooped by any means) so that should be taken into count as both downside and upside depending on whats needed. If my guitar is to harsh through them... its defenetively to harsh on any playback system, and same goes for lows. I find they work really good to spot IRs (or modeler cabs in general) that has excessive range and then being able to apply cuts or adjustments to take that content out.

If i were rich i would buy them again and buy spare parts to, like the pads that are around the ears and such things.
AKG K92. Low impedance, so plenty loud with anything I plug them into. Closed back, comfy, great sound quality for the price. I have a pair of K44's as well, they are damn good phones for the $20 I paid for them.
But the K92's are great headphones.
I had K240's but the high impedance kept them from being loud enough on my gear, so I sold them for almost as much as I paid for them.


The Neuman HDH20 are the ones which blew me away at last year's Winter NAMM Show! After auditioning several pairs of Audeze models, I still preferred the Neumans. The NDH20 are closed back, very solid, impeccably constructed, and very comfortable, even though they're a bit heavy compared to something like the Sennheiser HD 6xx.


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I use Ultimate Ears "UE LIVE" model, custom molded In Ears, for live and when I need to use it at home or studio, love these!!! But they're Not cheap!! Worth every penny for me.

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