What are your favorite hooks?


Hook. When mentioning this word, most musicians know generally what you are talking about, but it can't be simply defined. It's a word that evokes memories and feelings, but can't be properly represented through just words.

It'd be cool if people would share their thoughts on what hooks in songs are their favorite, most memorable, catchiest, etc... Or post connections between artists and songs through hooks.


In this song, I feel like the opening guitar lick is more iconic than even the chorus vocal line. Simple lick around a D shape but so tasteful.

Here, 3 notes make up one of the most recognizable guitar riffs in all of popular music.

Also, it's interesting how the lick at in Dear Prudence at 2:56 inspired a very similar song/lick that starts at 3:12 in the second video by LCD Soundsystem.

Anywho... As a guitarist I've been really focusing on incorporating hooks into my leads. I've also gotten more into arranging full songs and would love to hear what people find memorable in songs, whether is be the vocal line or any other part.



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I love a great melody hook, be it a guitar riff or synth line, etc.
Low Rider
Bring It On Home (Zeppelin)
Stayin' Alive
300 lbs of Heavenly Joy
99 Luftballons
Paperback Writer
Wishing Well by Terence Trent Darby
Balls to the Wall
Folsom Prison Blues
Blue Orchid

Just about every pop song has some sort of hook. I probably like it. Here's a horn hook that dug in the very first time I heard it and never let go!

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