What are your favorite prog songs by bands OTHER THAN Crimson/ELP/Yes/Genesis/PF/Rush?

Earth & Fire (Dutch band) had a couple incredible overlooked prog albums in the early 70s. It's hardcore early 70's prog with a beautiful singer. Drenched in Mellotrons. Roger Dean did their 1st LP cover art too.



I don't really think of progressive rock in terms of songs, I always listen to it as entire works. Entire albums.
Or even groups of albums.
My first thought is the band that invented progressive rock, the Moody Blues, their classic 7.
The first Planet P project album also. Toney Carey also has a solo album that I think would apply.
Steve Tibbetts IS astonishing. But I've never thought of him as prog (and I bet manfred eicher hasn't either)
He's eclectic though - for me Steve was the gateway drug to full on ECM mania with guys like Terje Rypdal, Barre Phillips, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Bill Connors, Jan Garbarek, Arild Anderson, and a lot of other artists you never knew you'd love.


Gentle Giant were/still are the greatest prog band........
I must have seen them 10 times over the course of their visits to the US. I worked for an entertainment paper in Philly and actually got to interview them twice - on the Interview and Playing The Fool tours. Nice guys, but quiet to a fault. Every time I asked Minnear a question, his answers were so quiet they barely registered on my cassette deck.

I always wondered how Gaz Green ended up playing with them.


Lots of great stuff in this thread. I’ll echo the Gentle Giant recommendations.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that people list Pink Floyd as prog? It happens often and I just don’t see them as prog at all.
Everything by Jethro Tull,,,, thick as a Brick. A Passion Play, Storm Watch, Heavy Horses specifically.

Storm Watch is epic.... very underrated.