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What brand of strings do you use? And why?


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I've always liked Keef's answer to that question. "The "shiny ones."
I have been pretty loyal to Ernie Ball. Since I have come to favor a wound 3rd on my LP and 335, I am using D'Addario because they are the only manufacturer or a wound 3rd set that works for me.
Strat & Tele still get Ernie Balls.


Curious myself.
I've been using D'Addarios for a long time now, and Elixirs on my acoustic.
DR pure nickel for my Casino for a while also.
Recently purchased but not used yet, sets of NYXL and Elixirs for electric.
Come to think of it, rather than finding the opinions of TGP, I think I should try them out...

I've never actually used Ernie Ball. I should try them too.


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I used to alternate between Elixir's and D'Addario XL110's and thought everything was good...until I sold a guitar I shouldn't have and bought it back a week later. Same guitar I sold but the strings were amazing!
i contacted the buyer/seller and he told me Curt Mangan's...so that's what I've used since, the regular hex core plated ones. I like them when they're new, they last a long time and I still like them where they're dead.
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Years ago i couldn't decide which strings i want to use , wasn't sure about gauge and maker...

I settled with Daddario NYXL 10-46, they bend the best to me and last the longest for me. They are expensive and sound very "modern", but thats good for me because i like my guitars on the modern side. If i want a vintage sounding strat, i go with exl strings.

Other strings i tried were all good and none of them were bad, i just settled with nyxl's to have consistency. I'm not a string breaker to begin with, but with the nyxl i literally haven't snapped a string for years.
Elixir OptiWeb 10-46 , Elixirs in general for 10 years.

Switched to these after 20 years of Dean Marley light top heavy bottom 10-52 strings and previously to the Dean Marley strings, 8 years of Ernie Ball and DiAdarrio 10-46

I‘ve used Fast Fret since 1986 and always keep strings clean, but the Elixir strings have string life and ability to get clean to the point of sounding bright again better than any I’ve tried. String changes happen every 8 or 9 months generally. I rotate playing 4 guitars and the strings just stay in great shape. Pick up a guitar I haven’t touched in a month or more, hit it with fast fret, and it sounds great and feels great to me.

Brian N

A decade ago, I tried a bunch of strings and settled on Ernie Ball because pretty much every band I was into when I started playing is listed as using them. Having the same strings on all my guitars takes one thing out of the already complex tone equation. I tried daddario once a couple years back just to see what I was missing out on. I wasn't a fan.


Ernie Ball because they are cheap and everywhere. When I order from somewhere over seas (I'm in Japan currently) I get a few packs of DR Pure Blues. Love those things. When I get back stateside I'm hoping to try some Curts or String Joys since I've heard good things.


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D'Addario, because they care about balanced tension

pronounced duh-dairy-oh

For balanced tension with the option of a wound 3rd, check out these guys.



Currently using Ernie Ball Paradigm. Not bad. Tried the D'Addario and they're OK, but had a few break unexpectedly.
I would love to try out the Elixir ones; just have been unable to get them in my preferred gauge.

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