What color to paint a full size Fuzz Face?

What color should I paint a Fuzz Face?

  • Verde Green Hammertone

  • Glow in the Dark

  • Frosted Sea Glass

  • Pink

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Yeah. I like that. It has depth and is a lively rich pink.

Kind of a little like this? Maybe this is a shade darker.


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It looks like only the people who are voting for the Glow are saying anything. If people who vote Hammertone don't stick around to defend it, who knows what could happen ;) ?
If it doesn't take the entire can of hammerite paint to cover the pedal, you can use it to paint one of those plastic dog turds from a novelty catalog, just to see if anyone gets the joke.


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What’s the update?

did you get this back from AnalogMan?

how’d it turn out?
Have everything ready to send it to AM but I'm hung up on the paint. It's been a few different shades and none of them are really doing it for me. I still have a couple of ideas to throw at it.

Th pink turned out almost red and didn't really look all that different from stock.


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Another update: Great news! The Dacia Sandero has... no, wrong news. Anyway, I picked up another full size FF to be butchered in the name of good taste! Another one with the Dunlop Manufacturing in the smile and the switch on the board. It's in too good of a cosmetic condition to be cool so it will also be sprayed and sent off for mods.

With 2 now, I can jump in both directions my muse was pulling in.

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