What did I find here? (RDL RU-LA2D)

Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by Trego, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Trego

    Trego Member

    Jun 10, 2002
    Lancaster, PA
    I've been on staff at a church for almost 3 years now and we have some miscellaneous audio/video gear that's just sitting around, and I am going through it to see what we might use, what we could sell, and what we should pitch because it's not worth our time or space.

    So far most things are in the pitch or keep category. But this I a piece that I just don't understand it's intended purpose, or know if why we even have it.

    So here's a link to what it is:


    Can anyone, in layman's terms explain what it's intended application is, and if it's worth anything to anyone, or if it's too antiquated.

    Thanks, Matt
  2. loudboy

    loudboy Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Sedona, AZ
    If you wanted to interface a consumer level piece of gear like a CD player w/a professional one like a mixer, this converts the levels so everything plays nice.

    Handy unit, don't pitch it.
  3. jcground

    jcground Member

    Feb 4, 2005
    New York
    It converts balanced (+4 dDu) and unbalanced (-10 dBu) signals, with trim to adjust the levels.

    Per the B&H site:
    Balanced to Unbalanced: -3dB to -20dB
    Unbalanced to Balanced: +6dB to +18dB

    Basically, it converts RCA inputs to XLR and vice-versa, with an internal transformer and trim pots to adjust the levels. It isn't just wires inside connecting the pinouts from the XLR and RCA together.

    Handy to have, and still made and widely available. New, it'd run over two hundred bucks. I'd keep it. Definitely don't toss it. Put it up for sale if you don't need it.
  4. rickenbackerkid

    rickenbackerkid Member

    Jun 29, 2005
    I have two of a similar unit in my gear closet at the church I work for. Great for plugging in iPods, CD players, anything similar which doesn't have a balanced output but is already Line Level.
  5. rokpunk

    rokpunk Member

    Aug 17, 2010
    Baltimore, MD
    RDL makes little solutions to common audio problems. I haven't looked up this item, but I'm willing to bet that it's something along those lines.

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