What do you consider to be Jeff Beck's finest work?


I suppose Blow by Blow if I was trying to be objective.

But Jeff Beck is my First and Best Guitar Hero - no one even comes close in my brain. And the song that did it for me was when I was sixteen in 1979, listening to Nugent and such, and a guy played Let Me Love You, track #2 off Jeff Beck Group’s Truth. That is still the guitar I listen to as my model.
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That's definitely my favorite of his more recent albums.
I couldn't get into Loud Hailer at all, and it's the only one I haven't bought.
I'm hoping for a new direction with the next one.
I like how he likes to shake things up from album to album and in that sense Loud Hailer was quite different. Not bad, but I prefer Emotion & Commotion too.

Rob G

Although I have a great affection for Blow By Blow & Wired I'm tempted to go with either There & Back or Jeff, which I think is an underrated JB classic.

See, I couldn't make a decision, plus I forgot Guitar Shop! :)



I come back to this appearance off Letterman more than a lot of my JB clips. Everybody is just so flat-out excellent.

Friends and I saw a concert in San Diego by Jeff Beck with that band featuring Jennifer Batten. They were terrific, and Beck was really "on" that night. Extra cool that he chose to feature a fellow guitarist as skilled as Batten, whose role in that band was an interesting change from the usual inclusion of a keyboard player.


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Really, really hard to pick.

If I could only have one, I'd go with Blow by Blow.


Jeff Beck got better and did more musically advanced music , but the music he made with the Yardbirds was pretty much the future sound of rock guitar circa 1965-66.

Year before Hendrix, three years before Led Zep and even before the first Cream record came out those singles and LPs pretty much outlined hard rock as it would go.

Read enough interviews with the classic rock guitarists/musicians and lots of them have tales of having their mind blown seeing them on the couple of US tours Beck did with the Yardbirds. Off top of my head, I can recall Nugent, Iggy pop, Joe Perry & Steve Tyler, Wayne Kramer from the MC5, Joe Walsh all talking about seeing them.

If anything this music is under-rated as other than a couple singles, it did not really end up in the 'classic rock' radio format.


all of his records with the Yardbirds, plus Beck's Bolero, Truth, Beck-Ola, Blow By Blow, and Wired

There and Back is underrated maybe, but I listened to it a lot when it originally came out

I also like Tally Man, the B-side of the anomalous Hi Ho Silver Lining single


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Such a talent and an inspiration. As a college kid back when durt wuz rocks, I played in a regional band that did a fair dinkum amount of the jazzy Jeff stuff from BbB and Wired. Thrilling and lots of room to stretch out. So those two are "wired" into me now. I also love the album our own dt/Splatt contributed to, including winning a Grammy (and deservedly so), Jeff. Playful, deep, mind blowing, contemporary, and a fine example about how a career built on exceptional work need not become an auto-karaoke hitsfest in the later years.

JB ( and @splatt ) are inspiring musicians that happen to play my favorite instrument. And I am indebted to them for their pioneering spacepilotry. Huzzah!

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