What do you have that you absolutely love?


I love all my gear equally ;)

If pushed, I’d say my 1962 Hammond A100, even though I can barely play the organ it’s a marvel of engineering, mechanical and electrical. When I got it 10 or so years ago it was 100% original, not a single part replaced. It had been purchased new by a church organist who used it as a practice organ. When she passed away her husband had an estate sale. He sold it to me for $100 provided I took care of moving it. Since then I’ve replaced a few parts, filter caps, reverb tank and one tube.

next would be a Princeton reverb I built many years ago, with minor modifications. I adjusted the gain stages for more clean headroom, added a mid control and squeezed a 12” WGS Veteran into that little cab.

finally, my 99 Epi Sheraton II. Lollar low wind imperials, RS pots, switch and caps. My go to guitar.


A few of my favorite things...

The soft V neck on my Danocaster. Perfect shape and aged/oiled finish. Can’t put it down.

The OX4 PAF replicas in my Heritage 535 on full blast. Gigantic sound and loaded with overtones.

The modulated delays from my Deluxe Memory Man. Adds a magical layer.


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After years of gear trades I’ve got a few that I can’t see parting with anytime soon.

1. My 89 Japanese Extrad Strat with Lace Golds. It just covers everything I need a guitar to cover; probably the most versatile guitar I’ve owned.

2. My Komet KF50/Concorde. It’s such a beautiful piece of gear, and after having it for 3+ years now I’ve decided it’s about the perfect amp for me. It’s got headroom but isn’t deafening, it feeds back musically at will, and it can cop just about any genre with a pedal or two here and there.

3. Prism Sound Atlas. This thing was a game changer for my recordings; if you’ve ever recorded and driven yourself crazy trying make it sound pro or “radio quality” - or spent ages tweaking mixes - this delivers right out of the gate. It’s hard to make it sound bad. Expensive for sure, but worth every penny if you’re serious into recording/production.

Also, just listening to music through it is an experience; you hear everything. It’s like having bad vision and putting on glasses for the first time... but for your ears. Cheesy analogy, but that’s what came to mind the first time I plugged it in :)
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My mom got me an acoustic when I was a kid that I’ve had for 25 years.

my dad got me a Fender Strat that I picked out when I got my first gig. He told me he’d take me to get a guitar. Naturally, I reached for a cheaper MIM Fender. It’d get the job done. He said nope, get the one you want.

I now have a backup American Strat and a PRS SE acting as an option and backup.

I just don’t desire many guitars. I need backups but that’s it.

I do love the Strat I got for myself but it’s not the same.

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I don't really get emotionally involved with my gear, but the frontrunner would be a '33 L-00 that I have had for about 28 years, and on which i have spent a lot getting it up to speed.
I don't have a guitar or amp that I don't love, that's why I bought them.

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't feel very thankful for deciding to pick up this warhammer:

And I especially love it when paired with.....well really ANY guitar sounds GREAT through the Quad. :D

Pedals may come and go more often as I experiment.


My multi-watt Dual Rectifier is hands down the best gear I have purchased. I don't even use it exclusively for metal, but a huge range of tones. Even the clean sound is really great on it. The whole amp just has every sound I like and is very crunchy sounding. Even with a Tele I like the sounds I get. I think a lot of guys might write it off thinking its just a high gain metal box but it can actually do so many sounds and do them very well.

The other stuff I like a lot is my older Gibson and also my Japanese made Fenders. They are always really fun to plug in and just feel 'right' every time.

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