What do you recommend for a great sounding clean strat pickup?


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I have a light ash body strat, fat rosewood slab neck and Fender '69 pickups. I want to get Knopfler sweet clean tone. What do you guys recommend? I'm open to all suggestions (Suhr, Fender Custom Shop, Lollar, Rolph, Fralin, Voodoo, etc.). Thanks!


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Duncan APS 1 (stag) or APS 2 (flat). Sweet, smooth, chimey & great quack. Less $ than anything you listed. (alnico 2 lowish output).
Edit- I have them in an ash body, rosewood board Am. Std.
Man, I dunno, the Fender '69's are it for Knopfler. They are it in the notch positions like MK. In the 2 & 4 they tend to round the edges more than other Fender pickups. I have a '69 relic and it's got that sweet, notched tone. My '54s and Fat 50's aren't close.

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