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What do you think is the BEST pedal of this decade?


So obviously over this past decade we've seen some huge changes in guitar gear. Pedals in particular seem to just keep getting better and with online shopping its opened up such a huge market all around the world. Tons of builders, tons of options, etc.

If you had to choose just ONE pedal from this decade that you think is the best, what would it be?

For me personally, it has to be the Wampler Tumnus Deluxe that launched in late 2017. What an amazing overdrive/boost box. I think its the only time I said 'wow' to a pedal. Aside from the OCD, its just the best feeling and sounding OD I've ever used. Its like it becomes part of the amp somehow, I just love it. Its so versatile and dynamic and responsive, like nothing else I've really used yet.

Let me know what is your favourite of the past 10 years!


I do double duty on bass & guitar, so this is a pretty hard choice given I have multiple pedalboards.
For me it's gotta be Free the Tone Black Vehicle. It's a bass overdrive with a boost, but it sounds ripper on guitar too, especially if you like heavy stuff.


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The decade...
Well some drives that dominate come to mind like the OCD or KOT but it seems like the last decade really saw some great leaps in digital effects like Strymon is producing. My Timeline still blows my mind.

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There are so many it’s well nigh impossible to pick one, but for me the Drybell Unit67 is up there with the best of them. It is such a work horse. Boost, treble boost, compressor and EQ all in one - so useful, so good. I wish they would release a deluxe model with separate footswitches to engage different things.

But, because I am a fuzz guy more than anything else, I will say the Vemuram Myriad, because it is the best fuzz pedal out there.


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That's tough but I'd say something from Kingsley. For me personally, it would be the Kingsley Harlot. There is nothing else like it for me. A true extension of my amp.
After collecting many great overdrives over the past year (king of tone is the one I haven't gotten my hands on yet) i have to also say Kingsley pedals. I've not found anything that has the feel, dynamics and string separation at gain.

But the revival drive is right there also. Being able to to sound like different cranked non-master volume amps at any volume with a small pedal is a game changer (and I hate that term).

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