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What do you use to hold down your pedals?


Trying to find the best way to hold down permantly my pedals on my new pedalboard. What do you use, and where do I get it?
I just use velcro from Home Depot. With some pedals, it can ruin the paint, but it's easy to use and the best I've found that is also reasonable easy to work with. The coolest thing I've seen is a guy who unscrews the screws from the bottom plates of all his pedals, and then replaces them with longer ones...after screwing them through the pedalboard and into the pedal. I thought that was really cool...I'm just too lazy and change pedals too often.
Some people use bike chains to permanently attach their pedals to their boards. Internal trim pots are pretty hard to get to with this, though.


I want to give credit where credit is do, here at TGP. Both Den and Jeak gave a photo display(Den's Pedalboard) and Jeak's detail-step by step "how it's done" summary. Sometimes using the search engine, doesn't always pull up exactly what your searching for -unless- you put in the right key word. Thanks guys, because the way you both laid it out was what I was looking for and seeing how easy to get that "clean look" to my Pedalboard. :BEER
I have my pedals and power strip zip tied to a piece of MDF. I got the idea of zip ties from someone's pedal board here at TGP.


If I'm flying with the pedalboard, 3M Dual Lock.

If I'm just doing gigs/sessions around town, I use gravity.

Pat Healy

Some people use bike chains to permanently attach their pedals to their boards. Internal trim pots are pretty hard to get to with this, though.
I use these and they work great. Two per pedal, at opposite corners, hold the pedals very securely. If you do need to pull one off the board, it only takes a few seconds to loosen the screws.
The awesomeness of my tone...my pedals wouldnt even consider sliding off my board...and I also use industrial strength velcro just in case...:)


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Dual lock is POWERFUL stuff, a normal strip can rip the paint off your pedal before it lets go of your board.

So instead I cut tiny squares of it, poke a hole in the square, thread the screw from the bottom of the pedal in there, then screw it back into the pedal. Fastens like a champ, but will let go if needed, and best of all, totally reversible so it doesn't mar your pedal!
I have always used the 3M dual lock but it is hard work if you want to get the glue off your pedal or your board.
Am using 3M type tape from Bonding Solutions in the UK. Great adhesive and I prefer the hook and loop. The guy who sells it, Chris is fantastic to deal with and the tape has just received 5 stars in Guitar Buyer and think it is due the same in Guitarist.
Try him. I am sure he will sort you out and see you right on shipping.


Cheers Rich.
Velcro works just fine for me.
I did use Dual Lock for a time and that stuff holds the best but velcro works just fine.
I have NO problems getting velcro or dual lock off my pedals. No paint chips.
I to have used Velcro type products but they tend to fray and the pedals fall off!
I have used the new Pedal Board Tape from Bonding solutions here in the uk and it is very good. I was introduced to it in a shop in Denmark Street (London) as lots of people are now using this.
I have not seen the review that is mentioned on here in Guitar Buyer but I will have a look out for it.

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