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what does a tonebender sound like?


is it a fuzz or an overdrive? i know it goes way back, one of the first pedal designs ever.
It's a fuzz. There are a few versions of the Tonebender out there as well. There were also Vox, Sola Sound and Colorsound Tonebenders. Lots of threads about Tonebenders on this forum. Most seem to pertain to the Tonebender MK II. There are a lot of Tonebenders being made these days. MJM Britbender, DAM MK II, Fulltone Soulbender, BYOC MK II, Throbak Stonebender, etc, etc.
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Fuzzy Guitars
If you didn't dig that tone Page got live then hang it up...thats what a Tonebender is all about! MKI's are a little fatter and less gainy and MKIII's are a little less spitty but as a general rule that was the classic Tonebender sound...

Don A

Gold Supporting Member
I don't know if it's actually a Tonebender but by BYOC MKII clone sounds just like Beck's intro in "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" by the Yardbirds.


Senior Member
for me its a fat riff/lead pedal. Takes a similar sonic space as my old silicon fuzzface. Great for those loud lead sounds..... it actually sort of sits between eric johnson's fuzzface sound and his tube driver sound.

anyway, i felt it was a versatile enough sound to make it my main dirt. Now I just use a soulbender and a boost... after having a 5-6 dirt pedal max.


Keep in mind as well that a Tonebender circuit responds to the player quite a bit.
some people sound great through them and get along well with them and some don't.
I love my Mk3 and I have a Jen Tonebender that is to die for.


when i have time for research, yes.

people mostly use this as a gritty lead pedal then?
I used to use my Soul Bender as a lead pedal with the tone control maxed, and as a rhythm pedal with the tone control dialed back some. The tone control on these pedals is somewhat unusual - it's more of a mids control than the high-end roll-off you find on most pedals. With the tone maxed you get more mids and more compression and sustain. Roll the tone back and you get more scooped sound, with more apparent high-end and less compression.


Just listen to the clips from D*A*M, MJM, and Throback...But really that Zep clip sums it up. I have a BYOC MKII and to me it sounds most like "Jeff's Blues" from Yardbirds 'Rave Up' album. Use it for leads or single note rythm riffs or slide ala Page.

BTW that Zep clip was cool! Love the remark,

"they so got laid after this."

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