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What effect processor works perfect in a SLO100 loop ?


Don't have a SLO, but i just built a SLP effects loop into my amp, which is prettymuch exactly the same as a SLO from the stage b4 the cathode follower thru the PI. So it should work the same, and indeed if i patch it with a cable it sounds exactly as it does if i switch the loop out altogether. So it;ls not the loop thats at fault, but my DSP apparently isn't very good. If i use it in the loop i get extra distortion and compression to a fault from the DSP. Apparently either is a impedance missmatch with the loop or a level issue. The DSP can accept the level from the loop and the level meter shows average when the DSP's +4/-20 switch is set to +4 and the front panel input level knob is about 1/2 way up. So level wise it seems to be fine but either somehow it isn't or theres a impedance issue as i said earlier.

So i need a CHEAP, as in maybe a used old model like mine is. But i want something small like 1/2 rack or in stomp form. (stomp FORM but line level device) And i only need delay and chorus, tho i can do w/o chorus if i have to to preserve my tone and not spend much. Heres the question...........what effect device that fits my description works in the SLO loop PERFECTLY. And please only reply if you are a SLO owner or former owner and used something like i described that worked 100% transparently in the SLO loop?


I've used a Rocktron Replifex for years, it works very well. Other Rocktron units like the Intellifex work well through the SLO loop.


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Using a Source Audio Nemesis in my SLO loop and it sounds pretty nice.

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