What effects should I grab for $380?


I always primarily played acoustic, but as of this past November, I've dusted off my MiM 99 Tele, and installed new SCN pickups.

With that, I ditched my solid state Princeton 65 for a Fender Blues Jr (NOS), and the only pedals I currently have are a Holy Grail (which I'm enjoying a lot), and a morley wah. I generally play a blues-ish rock style.

I have $380 at musiciansfriend, and need some help with what effects I should start out with. I want to keep my board as simple as possible.

I definitely need some overdrive, and am thinking the TS808 (should I be looking at something else?). That leaves me with about $200 for something else.. maybe delay? Also, I'm in love with the POG, so I'll need to keep room for that.


Usually you get what you pay for, but there are some TooGoodToBeTrueButStillAre deals out there. Thereby, forget the TS808 and get a digitech bad monkey. You now have $340 left to spend :) Keep in mind that both pedals (TS808 and Bad Monkey) are mid-gain.... will not do high gain.

You might want a delay to give your solos that fuller sound (think David Gilmour's solo in Time)..... Will give off a moderately different feel than your Holy Grail. Boss DD-3 (~$100) or Ibanez DE-7 ($50?) are great choices

A boost pedal is great for leads or for goosing your amp/OD pedal into higher gain.... the catalinbread Super Chile Picoso (about 150) or Serrano Picoso ($114). Can be had at tonefactor.com

If you want fuzz, an EHX Little Big Muff is an excellent fuzz pedal for about 75 bones. Many people say that this little guy is one of the best fuzz pedals Electro Harmonix ever put out. The muffs are also great because they don't mind having a buffered pedal like your wah placed before them in the signal chain

Another way to get higher gain would be to simply stack another OD on top of yours..... another Bad Monkey or a Boss SD-1 (about $50) will do you right.

Hope that helps.


I'd have to agree with the booster mentioned above but not for the bad monkey, if i were you, i'd stick with the ts808. With your budget, you could probably get a dd5(tap tempo) or a dd7 + a lovepedal eternity as a ts808 clone.. You may get tired of the bad monkey and the ts808 eventually. Just helping you plan ahead!


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Do yourself a favor and get a MI Audio Blues Pro.. Great TS style pedal and more. Then a nice tremolo pedal. Then a MXR carbon copy delay...

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