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What ended your search for a great Uni-Vibe? More poll choices

What ended your search for the ultimate Uni-Vibe?

  • Shin Ei Vibe Bro

    Votes: 4 2.4%
  • Effectrode Tube Vibe

    Votes: 3 1.8%
  • Shiftee Vibe

    Votes: 3 1.8%
  • KR Megavibe

    Votes: 6 3.7%
  • Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe

    Votes: 19 11.6%
  • Unique Vibe

    Votes: 7 4.3%
  • Oxfuzz Oxvibe

    Votes: 3 1.8%
  • Sonus Halo Vibe

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Foxrox AquaVibe

    Votes: 23 14.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 107 65.2%

  • Total voters
Micro vibe is $80 on reverb and has the photocell, sounds 100% right to me

Surprised the faux vibe was listed (which I hated, it’s a phaser to me)
and not the voodoo lab?..


Platinum Supporting Member
My main vibe is the RetroVibe, but one just doesn’t “end the search” for better vibes UNLESS you’re the lucky person having one of every vibe ever made.

Which, if the case, makes you my newest best pal by default!



Gold Supporting Member
Fulltone Deja Vibe.

Had one of the older cream colored Mini Deja Vibes, foolishly sold it, tried a few others (pedals and digital versions), and none could satisfy until I got one of the new CS-MDV-1 versions. It's fantastic.

Windup 43

Silver Supporting Member
It’s a three way tie for me, all different & all superb!

KR Megavibe
Unique Vibe Shiftee

Others I’ve known/tried:

Déjà Vibe
Castledine Supa Vibe
Sweetsound Ultra and Mojo
Drybells, both versions
Prescription Electronics Vibe Unit
Shin Ei Vibe-Bro
MJM Sixties Vibe
JAM Retro Vibe
Foxrox Aquavibe

I’m sure others that I can’t remember :bonk


the white/cream? colored Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe and roger mayer voodoo vibe Jr. they both so identical that i'm thinking of letting go the roger mayer. The Shin Ei also sound amazing, played through one in the past and its really good vibe pedal.

i have the fulltone deja vibe on my board right now because it has a more tweakable range compares to the roger mayer

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