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What Expensive Guitar Turned Out to Be a Dog


Just like the title says. What’s the most you dropped on a guitar, what was it, how bad was it, and how much did you lose on it?


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I bought a 61 Reissue SG used. Just couldn't bond with it even though I really wanted to love it. It had a lot of fret buzz and I replaced the bridge, had a luthier work on the frets and neck....couldn't get it right. Ended up selling it for a little more than I paid for it, but I had put some money into it, so I guess it was a wash mostly.
Not too much, bit I think I paid almost a grand for a Taylor SB1 solid body, and it was about the most dull, lifeless guitar I have ever owned. I disliked it from the first 5 minutes, forced myself to spend some time with it and get used to its sound and voicing, and gave up quick. I recall some weird issues with the bridge, too. It was a really beautiful thing, though! I had the transparent white finish and it was gorgeous.


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I didn't buy it but a used archtop by a luthier with an excellent reputation, which is well-deserved imo, showed up at one of my favorite guitar stores and one of the owners let me know it was there.

I couldn't wait to check it out. The thing was tonally dead. I even asked to put new strings on it in case that was the issue. It wasn't. Needless to say, I passed on that particular example. I wanna say it was in the $4k range about 10 years ago.


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I can honestly say that I've never had a high-end dog. Of all the guitars I've been blessed to own over the years (including several GLP Customs) I only had one that was persnikety to setup.
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At one point I ended up with a 335 that had something funny going on with it. I don't know for sure what was going on, but I *suspect* that the fretboard was unevenly planed. It's a long story, but I took it to a tech and told them what was going on. They serviced the nut, and it actually played really well! (To my tastes, anyway.)
I really resented that guitar though, and sold it immediately. I disclosed the fact that it was funky when I got it and the nut work seemed to address the issue, so the next guy wasn't going in blind. He was thrilled with it, and I only took a loss of about $300-$500, at least from what I wanted to clear, and counting the cash I laid down to straighten it out.

So not a horror story. But a good reminder to really, *really* check things out before you seal a deal. And don't trust anyone from NJ!
Ive never owned an expensive dog either. Sure, some I havent bonded, or were not my thing, but nothing I can call a dog. Of course: IMO those "expensive" guitars were expensive because theyre worth it. Sure, there are some brands that charge the price but dont give the quality... usually based on name and legacy.

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